Decorative Ceiling Tiles Designs to Build up Stunning Ceiling Décor

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If the roof completes the house from the exterior, the ceiling captivates the imagination and unleashes creativity when designing the home interior. The fascination for the false ceilings grew with passing time and graduated to become an integral part of home décor. And then, the professional designers carried the designer tiles onto the ceiling, decorating the ceiling with a bang.

With the growing trend in decorating the ceiling with decorative tiles, the building supplies firm DECORAIDS in Rajkot started designing and manufacturing beautiful residential ceiling tiles to adorn the ceiling of the home. The designer ceiling tiles made from PVC-3D embossed with stunning designs are bespoke and specific to the décor style. From faux tin tile in metallic and antique finish to plaster, rustic, pearl shine, wooden, marble, the residential ceiling tiles are pre-painted and are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, finishing and styles. Available in the size of 2x2 ft and 2x4 ft with tiles thicknesses of 0.5mm and 0.7mm, the ceiling tiles can be glued directly on the ceiling, drop-in indirectly into a grid system, or use to remodel or renovate the existing grid ceiling tiles.

Let’s check out the latest design trend of the decorative ceiling tiles and pick up the trendsetting ideas for your ceiling décor. Have a look!

Modern Formality in the Living Room

The metallic finish of the shiny ceiling tiles works to bring luxury into the living room décor. When the ceiling tiles are used in a suspended ceiling system, the grid disappears and creates a dramatic décor through the creative design. The convenience of the ceiling tiles is so that they could directly be glued on the existing and new ceiling conveniently, building up the same powerful impact in the ceiling decor.

Intricate Style of Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

The intricate design of the ceiling tiles with Indian touch will instantly grab the attention as one walks into the kitchen. With the kitchen roof covered with protective ceiling tiles that could be cleaned easily, Diwali cleaning will surely become convenient and shiny in Indian homes.

Patterned Symmetry on the Bedroom Ceiling

If you are looking for subtle elegance to create a soothing calmness through the bedroom ceiling, then decorate the bedroom ceiling with patterned symmetrical ceiling tiles. The delicate and lightweight ceiling tiles in the wood add a modern minimalist touch to the bedroom décor. There are a vast range of patterns and colour choice available if you want to decorate the bedroom ceiling with these tiles to stare at while lying on the bed and waiting to doze off.

Antique Elegance in the Hallway

The carving on the wood and fitted on the ceiling brings the antique elegance into the hallway, making the entrance impressive with an expression of luxurious classiness. If you are looking for adding depth to your home décor at an affordable cost and without undergoing any major renovation work, then it’s time you opt for decorative ceiling tiles. You can choose from a vast range of colours, styles, designs, materials that can be customised and conveniently glued up directly on the ceiling.

Rustic Charm of the Decorative Ceiling Tiles in the Basement

Whether you want a modern minimalist look for your home or wish to bring the rustic charm in the basement, balcony, indoor or outdoor garden or anywhere in your home décor, you will find something to decorate the ceiling with ceiling tiles. Just look at how the faux tin tile in metallic is used to create a rustic elegance. You can also combine the rustic ceiling tiles' rustic charm to give the modern décor a minimalist look and a contemporary home a touch of industrial elegance.

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