11 AWESOME one-room apartments just for YOU!

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One room apartments are the future of every major city around the world. An increasing number of people will choose one room homes and hopefully, these will be better for the environment, more efficient, smarter and more stylish. Since these apartments are going to be more of a norm in coming years, designers will be creating innovative plans and decor for such places. Here we present some of the awesome one room apartments from our archives. From rustic to modern and humble to high end glitzy, there is something for everyone. Have a look, you might be inspired by one of them.

A small space for prayer

Who says there's no privacy in a one room apartment? A clever and simple jalli screen for the prayer area provides the much need space for the spiritual moment of prayer. Even the gods would be very pleased. The fantastic colours and decor bring in a mysterious vibe as well. Very classy!

Private sleeping space

A simple and smart one-room apartment! A clever and simple sliding screen for the sleeping area provides much-needed space for a quiet slumber. Notice the all white theme. Very classy! 

A cute loft attic

Attic spaces in old houses are perfect for cozy little spaces. When you are staying in a place like this, you can climb up to the mezzanine to the ’bedroom’ in your studio apartment.

A great big loft

A big hammock, a great mezzanine, and some lovely high ceilings make this a great warehouse style one room apartment. Now this is big on size and style.

Simple living

This striking one room apartment is so simple and basic, yet eye catching. It's simple, fun and full of youthful spirit.

Size: Small; Style: Big

Small homes are often done up in pale neutral themes for easy blending and smoother looks. This is not the case though for this apartment that incorporates some loud colors, huge mirror and wall art that seeks your attention.

Beautiful living zones

A brilliant layout creates separate zones in this unified space of a one room apartment. You can clearly make a distinction between the bedroom, dining and living space. We love the white partition!

Tiny living

This ultra compact space has been utilized so well. You have a place to sit, to sleep, to eat and to cook. The high ceiling is an advantage and the sheer curtains and huge mirror are clever additions.

A sophisticated studio apartment

Not all studio apartments have a casual, youthful, hippie kind of vibe going around. Look at this luxurious European styled one room apartment. Agreed it is bigger than the usual studios, but designed so well in grey and brown tones, you might forget it's a one room space.

Glamourous living

Turn up the glamour quotient with floor lights, chic wall art, loads of wood work and projector for those movie nights with friends. Hidden storage on the floor is pretty innovative and clever use of space without compromising on the style

An upcycled studio living

Our final apartment is a one with an upcycled kitchen. Never thought that old pieces of wood and metal could blend in so seamlessly with an ultra modern bed right beside it.

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Which apartment did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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