IMPORTANT CHECKLIST: 10 essentials for the Indian home!

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homify Industrial style dining room
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Setting up your own place for the very first time? We are sure you have long list of things to buy and to do. Not everyone wishes to take in the plunge and go for a complete furnishing of the apartment in the very first go. Lets start off by saying, we are talking of bare essentials here. No frills attached, basic needs of any apartment for you to live comfortably and safely. So if you are looking for a basic list, here it is.

A place to sit-out

Studio Apartment, Ink Architecture Ink Architecture Modern houses
Ink Architecture

Studio Apartment

Ink Architecture

Homes in India need to be a place to relax outdoors. So choose your vice. A regular table and chair, a standalone gandpa chair,  a lazyboy or just a few oversized cushions to sit on the teraace outside; a cozy comfortable place where you can sit and entertain friends too.

An emergency light

True, in times of smart phone devices, you may not need an emergency light, but if there is a major power breakdown, you may not like to use up precious mobile battery. Always keep an emergency light handy powered by batteries or a rechargeable kind for such situations.

Get your cleaning armour ready

Finest quality Goat hair & horsehair broom heads brush64 HouseholdHomewares

Finest quality Goat hair & horsehair broom heads


New place, whether recently constructed or an old one, needs varying degress of cleaning. Be prepared but the dusters, dust pans, cleaning agents and soap buckets.

A place to sleep

A futon is a briiliant multi-purpose utility item for any home. Use it as a mattress to sleep on or fold it up to make it a comfortable place to sit. Once you get the bed, put it right up, until then, sleep on the floor in these cozy things. Have a look at what more you could do with a futon. Pretty enlightening!

A place to eat

Dining homify Industrial style dining room



It's always a good idea to mark a territory for eating. Not only does it help keep food bits strewn around in different parts of the house, it is a good discipline to eat without distractions. Set up a small dining area in the kitchen. Maybe a spare counter with a couple of stools; even that would suffice.

Kitchen essentials

Middle Plate Rack The Plate Rack KitchenStorage
The Plate Rack

Middle Plate Rack

The Plate Rack

Unless the kitchen is set, the apartment will always seem incomplete! Get a basic set of plates, spoons, knives and cookware to prepare and eat your meals, a sturdy gas top burner, and kitchen storage racks to maintain some order.

Laundry Basket

Bathroom homify Modern bathroom



You don't want to ruin the look of your bedroom or the bathroom with dirty laundry strewn in places. Store them in style with woven laundry baskets.

Multi-purpose storage counter

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest The Cotswold Company Living roomStorage
The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest

The Cotswold Company

Maybe you still haven't figured a theme for your bedroom or still don't have a budget for revamping the kitchen. A multi-purpose storage counter like this one can fit in in all scenarios. Use it as a wardrobe or a console table or a kitchen storage unit; it serves all purposes.

A little bit of green

Fresh plants and flowers can lend so much to a room. They bring positivity, calm and freshness. Invest a little in potted plants, hanging pots or a bunch of flowers every now and then.

Don't forget the curtains

While you are busy setting up the place, you don't want curious eyes on you. Get curtains that suit your apartment and ones that fit in your budget. From regular pull curtains to venetian blinds, there are choices aplenty.

Now that the basics are in place, its time to have a look at the first round of upgrades. Are you ready for the secrets of giving your home a seductive makeover?

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