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Erb Santiago Modern houses
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To meet the growing needs of a family, homes today are built on two levels, as rapid urbanization has led to decrease in land for housing and vertical expansion is cheaper than horizontal. We take you now on a tour of a single family modern home built on two levels, the exteriors of which are unlike any other modern row house with “nude architecture” that looks appreciably attractive and simple. Designed by ERB Santiago of Rosario, Argentina, the most distinguishing feature of this house is the smart combination of modern design and building materials.

Horizontal expression

At first glance the structure and may appear smaller than a standard house, but as we walk around the entire structure, its marvelous architecture and design are revealed. From this angle we can truly appreciate the actual layout of this modern house that has a unique character and design plan. The garden extends along the property’s length creating a blanket of greenery that can be truly appreciated only once all the trees are fully grown.

Eclectic living room

The expansive living room is a medley of earthy colors with dark flooring and furnishings, the walls and roof are pristine white making a heady blend of traditional and modern design. The large square windows on both sides of the room keep it awash with natural light throughout the day, while cool breeze wafting through them keep the temperature at bearable levels even in hot summer. This home truly has a eclectic style decor  which makes it extremely unique.

Rear Patio

The owners love this outdoor space as much as we do and this is visible in the pretty inflatable fish hanging on the wooden roof of the backyard patio. Built with a simple wooden roof and iron pillars holding it up, the rustic patio have been fitted with basic essentials that an outdoor eat-out would require. Besides the lovely brown and white cane furniture, the patio has a barbecue grill to cook and serve hot meals during an evening party.

Master Bedroom

Though this is the master bedroom and could have been decorated in a grand manner to reflect the owner's taste it has been arranged in minimalist style with white walls and roof. The only decor element in the room is the white Chinese lamp and antique bedside table to keep essentials. 

Rustic carport

The stone paved driveway holds back the mud and dirt from the car as it drives into the rustic carport before the front door. This wooden roof is similar to the backyard patio and is supported by iron pillars so that the structure does not suffer the brunt of thunder storms.

A last glimpse

We conclude the tour of this home with a walk around the imposing house to appreciate its architectural finesse from outside and explore the garden. The garden is simple yet makes a personality statement for it's owners.  We hope you enjoyed this tour, if you would like to see another small home then have a look at this ideabook on small family home filled with charm.

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