A Lavish Chennai Home with Glorious Design Touches!

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Dheen House Kumbakonam Ansari Architects Modern houses
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Kumbakonam is a town near Chennai that is replete with British Raj remnants and a strong colonial character. And we were busy walking through its streets and leafy neighbourhoods in search of homes that have a distinct flavour. It is then that we chanced upon one such home, which exhibits a wonderfully elegant atmosphere owing to the unique mix of different materials and textures. The Dheen House has been designed by Ansari and Associates, a group of architects in Chennai, and is a union of minimalistic and fashionable elements. It features wood, marble and gorgeously patterned glass in ample doses to highlight the love for luxury the owners have. Thoughtful pops of colours and brilliant lighting ideas also steal the show effortlessly. Now let’s embark on a tour to see more!

A Geometrically Inspired Façade

The facade is a play of geometric lines and shapes that sit at various levels and offer a subtle amalgamation of interesting design elements. The sharp modern home comes with a long driveway peppered with stone and green grass for a classic look. The use of glass and concrete beams as well as wrap around windows in the corners, makes the abode an irresistible structure. Oodles of greenery has found their rightful place in the well cared for garden, and they soften the apparent austereness of the residence too.

A Grand Lobby

The entrance and the lobby of the home will take your breath away with its play of modernity and traditional design values. A spot of blue enters the white and wooden environs with the art installation high up on the ceiling, while wooden panels create alcoves of style. Bright lighting shines down on artworks and a row of white chairs nearby.

High Design in the Living Room

The living room is a sparkling display of high design values. Sheets of marble with a distinct beige grain makes its presence felt on the floor, as matching beige couches sit in the centre. Greenery, glass windows and ornate patterns on glass mark the rest of the space as the high windows allow cheery sunshine to flood the room.

Stylish Strides along the Staircase

The staircase brings in a play of shining black granite, wood and glass to represent a stunning look on one side of the expansive main hallway. Don’t miss the intricate patterns etched on glass for a regal aura. Wooden niches house decorative items as added attraction. The side board is mounted on the wall while cabinets sit on top. But the piece de resistance has to be the panel of lighting installed on the ceiling. The golden glow it casts makes this a supremely sophisticated space.

A Stunning Vision in the Bedroom

The bedroom presents a stunning vision in terms of triangular light installations that are embedded in the wooden panels sweeping across the ceiling. Blue light shines down from these shapes, as a similar effect is sought on the glass panel that heads the wooden wall behind the bed. The bed is exquisitely illuminated from below too, and appears to float on the air. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in sweet dreams on such a bed?

The exotic and feminine bedroom

Pink rules the bedroom scene here, and enjoys a steady alliance with white for an awe-inspiring look. This bed too, is lighted from below and flaunts an illuminated headboard too. The closets and niches offer ample storage and display space, while quaint floral arrangements offer natural relief.

The home and its various nooks and corners enjoy exclusive and breathtaking design and decor accents. A variety of materials and colours further ups the style quotient. The creative rendition of the light installations also makes for a winning look. Here's another home tour to inspire you further - Modern design for the modern Indian family!

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