A Country Home Full of Modern and Earthy Magic!

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아기자기함과 따스함을 모두 담은 행복터 (양평 도장리 주택), 윤성하우징 윤성하우징 Country style houses
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Nestled in the upmarket and peaceful Gyeonggi district of Seoul, Ansan is a city filled with simple pleasures that translate into natural delights and pretty architecture. And the countryside especially filled us with joy as we embarked on unravelling beautiful homes and lofty design inspirations. That is when we stumbled upon the charming Yangpyeong Dojangri Home, designed by Yun Seong Housing, a brilliant group of architects.

The quaint and picturesque residence lies enclosed by verdant hills, and is a bright, spacious and cheery place to live in. Dashes of intriguing hues, hints of warm earthiness, and inspired lighting make this home a delightful paradise to come back to, after a long day.

The Farmhouse-Style Façade

The façade has a distinct farmhouse appeal that charmed us from the word go. Soft stone textured tiles in grey along with exposed brick detailing and slanting grey roofs create sheer aesthetic magic – and that’s the kind of magic we are after! The delicate fence and the breathtaking background create a wholesome look, in collusion with the softly glowing exterior lights and use of snazzy glass.

Minimal Modernism in the Living Room

The living room is filled with good looks borrowed from the minimalist school of design. Yet, it also piles on the warmth and earthy feeling with the help of exposed brick walls, and a traditional fireplace that goes well with the modern leather couch. The expansive space has a large glass sliding door that lets you soak in the beautiful surroundings and allows sunlight to pervade the interiors. The chandelier-like light is a quirky touch.

Contemporary Happiness in the Dining Room

The dining room has a loft-like appeal that travels along the staircase and on to the landing as well. Raw wooden finishes and black metal railing make this a contemporary space while the wooden panel on the ceiling draws the eye effortlessly. The colourful chairs add a playful look, as the long farmhouse style table sits in the centre flaunting its raw grain. You can also catch a glimpse of a fun bluish-purple door beyond the staircase from here.

Country Style Kitchen

The kitchen is a charming space with focused and bright modern day lighting. Yet, that is where the contemporary part of the design ends. The rest of the space has been done up with cottage-style cabinetry that enjoys a splash of pastel. The walls and the flooring complement the cabinetry for a soft and soothing look. Lots of cabinets also make this a storage-friendly and practical space, and shiny white tiles on the backsplash up the style quotient.

Modern and Sharp Bedroom

The stylish bedroom is a far cry from the country style quarters of the house, and flaunts a character of its own in terms of contemporary good looks. The bed sits to one side in a solid hue, while gold and purple mark the walls. The golden alcove is a practical addition, and the grey and white wall to wall closet offers sufficient storage solutions.

Glitzy and Earthy Bathroom

The bathroom takes a leaf from the same book of design used by the bedroom, for a sleek and modern tiled and wooden look. While glossy rich brown tiles line the walls, the ceiling and cabinets celebrate the inviting warmth of wood. A quaint partition with in-built shelves demarcates the washbasin from the tub and WC. And bright lights fill the space with glowing comfort.

The stunning natural surroundings and modern and cheery interiors make this home the ideal country retreat replete with fun, quirky and earthy wonders! Take another home tour for more inspiration - A Modern family home full of surprise!

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