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Before and after: 3 Stunning swimming pool renovation projects

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
by LLIBERÓS SALVADOR Arquitectos Rustic
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Recently the rising temperatures has left many of us imagining jumping into a swimming pool to cool down. So today we are going to feature three stunning swimming pool renovation projects. Whether large or small, swimming pools increase the value of the property, bring joy and refreshment, and make hot weather more enjoyable. 

The swimming pools featured here today have had their best days and were badly in need of an overhaul. It's amazing to see how some dirty old pools have been transformed into oases of relaxation again by experienced pool experts. Curious? Look, and see for yourself!

Before: dark and dirty

The first project brings us into the garden of a large house in Spain. Instead of a welcoming space for fun and relaxation, we were welcomed by a deserted, dark, and dirty  pool that had not been maintained for a long time. It definitely could use some intensive deep cleaning, but even then it wouldn't look the same as it was quite obvious us to see that the pool was old and worn out. Overall there was a lot of work to do to transform this place back to an oasis of relaxation for residents and guests, but it worked!

After: inviting and clean

After the renovation, the pool is inviting, clean, tidy, and absolutely refreshing. Before, the floor tiles were stained and old, but our experts have laid a strong green artificial grass, which gives a lot of color to the poolside. The cluttered environment was improved and the garden was separated from the pool area with white stones. 

The fence and some  decorative elements were redesigned. For example, two small trees were added to give the space a natural feel. Also, a small slide and a new ladder was placed in the pool. The result is amazing and shows that you do not necessarily need a big budget for such a renovation. Instead, it can be achieved with proper planning and some creative ideas!

Before: neglected but promising

Our second renovation project is also in Spain. This large house was built in 1970 and features a promising but neglected pool. The pool is large and long, and the outer walls are paved with stones. The garden has many beautiful trees and palms which exude a tropical atmosphere. It is an ideal outdoor space for refreshment and relaxation, but the main problem was clearly a lack of care and maintenance. Let's see what the pool looks like after our experts worked on it…

After: an exotic poolside paradise

The biggest changes have been made in the terrace, which has been newly landscaped and bordered by a small stone wall with a steeply pitched roof above that protects against wind and rain. The ground has undergone a complete renovation—the damaged cement was completely replaced with beautiful bright tiles. 

The flower beds in the garden are now separated by Mediterranean stone walls. The garden itself is planted with a variety of flowers, trees and palms and has become a true green oasis. Last but not least, the pool itself was extended, and the floor was raised on one side so one can reach the bottom of the pool without stairs. 

Before: small garden without a pool

This project will see the largest before and after transformation, as this picture shows us a small and somewhat dull outdoor area with no pool. However, our experts found there was plenty of room and potential for improvement in this small garden, such as a small private pool that would provide refreshment on hot afternoons. Next, you will see how CC Arquitectos, architects based in France have transformed this outdoor space. 

After: a quaint poolside garden area

After the transformation, we find a quaint poolside garden area. The small arbor in the corner is removed to make room for this wonderful pool. A nice accent is added with the anthracite stone wall and plants surrounding the pool. 

We hope you've been inspired by this before and after tour of swimming pools. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at a normal Indian home with an extraordinary touch

What do you like most about this before and after tour of swimming pools? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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