A stunning farmhouse cabin

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We introduce you to this amazing and peculiar house in the state of Idaho, USA. It has a stylish appearance of a cabin with interiors and exteriors made of high quality wood. This huge, bright and cozy cottage is set amongst pine trees that are in perfect harmony with the landscape. This elegant house has been built by Uptic Studios, USA that is responsible for this fantastic residence along with the rustic wood and pine trees around. This ranch is very inviting and will surely persuade you to spend a relaxing night in the moonlight and beautiful shadow of giant pines.

Cabin in the mountains

The beautiful facade of this wooden cabin perfectly fits the mountains and idyllic surroundings. The wooden structure of the walls is perfectly in line with the wooden landscape. The window frames, the porch and the front door are made with light wood to provide some contrast to the darker shades.

Nestled among pines

This attractive wooden architecture is spread over two floors. The ground floor houses the living room, garage, front terrace, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom while the top floor has a huge master bedroom. From the side angle we can feel the grand size of this beautiful property. You will surely admire the beauty of this house against the beautiful mountains full of pine trees.


The wooden porch in the front is nothing but a covered terrace with a warm tone. The strong beams, sloped roof, floor, wide walls and sleek front door are all made of various shades of wood. The richness of the texture and the warmth of colors give an attractive and elegant touch to the house. The wooden furniture on the outside is in line with the wooden exteriors. This is a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee with your friends or family.

Charming interiors

The interior of the house is even more welcoming than the exterior. Wood is again the hero of the design as it takes a center spot in the floor, staircase, ceiling and the furniture. Apart from these, the teeny tiny details are also taken care of. Small detailing like fabric of the couch, tribal pattern on the center table and rustic prints on the carpet perfectly blend with the wooden interiors. The interior is very spacious and bright, thanks to many windows that are accurately constructed to get enough sunlight.

Modern and rustic kitchen

The kitchen is a unique and perfect blend of class and rustic appeal. It has wooden flooring and wooden slats instead of tiles. The white furniture is in contrast with the wooden decor. The white drawers, white breakfast counter and the white cabinets present a visual delight against the wooden envelope. The gray slabs on the kitchen counter highlight the white furniture against the brown.

Lighted room

Moving upstairs we again get to breathe pure, rustic and wood laden air. Here is the master bedroom and an open door to the ground floor through the mezzanine stay. Large windows on all sides, which keep the place well lit and airy, surround this place. The warm and relaxing furniture consists of a couch, a wooden coffee table and wooden dining table. This place is sophisticated and friendly and provides an ideal spot for reading your favorite book.

This mountain cottage is a perfect place for falling in love with the forest and the beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Come to this serene land and enjoy time admiring the stars. This place will surely leave you with precious and valuable memories. Looking for similar inspiration and home decor ideas? Don't miss out on this ideabook : A stylish and surprising home

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