Before and After: 5 Kitchen Makeovers Which Are Hard To Believe!

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Kitchens should ideally be cosy, warm and inspiring spaces where creativity finds it true expression in the delicacies prepared. But currently, with apartments becoming smaller and smaller, space is increasingly becoming scarce, especially in kitchens. But that shouldn’t imply a cramped, dull, dark or cluttered kitchen. With a dash of clever designing and a pinch of sensible aesthetics, your kitchen can become a perfect haven for yummy cooking and heart to heart chats with close friends and relatives. So, here are 5 stunning kitchen makeovers which are sure to inspire you!

Before: Colourless and dull

This kitchen was an affair in uninspiring white and beige, which created a boring look despite its ample functionality. The space above the countertop particularly had a crowded feel, owing to the profusion of cabinets and the chimney jutting out.

After: Bright hues now create magic

A splash of buttery yellow and wooden hues has now brought out the beauty of white in an aesthetic manner. The space above the sink and cook top is devoid of cabinets, which now allows the recessed lights to focus on the space easily. The white drawers and cabinets below the countertop sport sleek and curvy handles, while a slim breakfast nook sits on the left accompanied by a quirky wall-mounted task light.

Before: Old fashioned dilemma

The combination of white and wood ruled this kitchen previously, but it looked out of fashion. Though this used to be charming at some point of time, but at present, it appeared extremely dated. Otherwise, the kitchen provided oodles of smart storage space and had a sleek look too.

After: Spirit of modernism

Glossy white has now taken over the kitchen, punctuated by smart and contemporary chrome appliances. The whiteness complements the smooth earthy-hued floor too. Don’t miss the chic silver detailing on the drawers, which no longer feature the old fashioned handles.

Before: Clutter nightmare

This kitchen was cramped as well as scarily cluttered before the remodelling took place. The countertop was a dull affair in traditional granite, while the tiles on the backsplash hardly added to the appeal of the area. The dark wooden cupboards made the kitchen seem smaller than usual too.

Before: Old and without pizzazz

Exposed pipes and wires, along with old fixtures and fittings made this kitchen look drab and depressing. The old tiles lining the wall behind the ordinary sink and cook top looked lifeless and uninviting. The wooden cabinets above it, were definitely old fashioned and needed a complete facelift.

After: A ravishing vision in white

Though the layout of the kitchen has remained same, the introduction of the colour white for the cabinets has made a significant difference to the space. It now looks more spacious, bright and airy. Sleek handles adorn the cabinets, while minimalistic fixtures add a modern touch. The backsplash is a wooden affair now, and supports bright task lights for easy working in the kitchen. The embedded cook top, the chrome chimney and the fresh sink make for a kitchen that is a pleasure to be in. Spice racks on the backsplash cater to organization woes effectively.

After: Smart and modern avatar

The clever union of shiny white, chrome and grey has now made the kitchen a modern delight. Sleek and polished cabinets line the walls and house all appliances with élan. The bright red countertop adds the much needed dose of fun, while large windows allow sunlight to flood the kitchen joyfully. Sliding glass doors demarcate the kitchen from the rest of the house, and yet lend a feeling of openness.

Before: Horror story

This white and purple kitchen was nothing less than an eyesore, before it got its makeover. The cabinets were old and the paint was dirty, and the single bright light only magnified that fact. The backsplash sported purple mosaic which clashed disreputably with the white cabinets, and made the kitchen look all the more dank and grimier.

After: A light and bright makeover

Rendered by Common Ground, interior designers and decorators in Seoul, the now open kitchen is a pleasure to behold. The white brick finish wall steals the show, along with the no-frills white and grey cabinets. The countertop also serves as a breakfast nook, with a pair of revolving chairs coming to the rescue. The wall on the left cleverly accommodates the massive refrigerator in shiny chrome, and bright focused lighting takes care of the overall decor nicely. To minimise clutter, the wall behind the sink and cook top comes with a ledge, spice racks and hooks which help in arranging kitchen essentials conveniently.

Inspired by the transformations shown above? Feel free to incorporate these ideas in your own project! Here’s another before and after story to further encourage your creativity - Before and after: A small home transformed like MAGIC!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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