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Cidade Feliz A, Martins Lucena Arquitetos Martins Lucena Arquitetos Minimalist houses
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This row of homes designed by MARTINS LUCENA ARQUITETURA in Brazil, truly live up to their name Cidade Feliz meaning Happy Homes. This row of happy homes in João Pessoa, Brazil have been designed with a minimal modern aesthetics that remind one of matchboxes. But it is the use of bright colours, and a different one for the facade of each home that gives these homes an upbeat, cheerful vibe.


The entrance of these homes is identical, with a small lawn patch and a cemented pathway leading up to a covered patio. French windows lead one into the home, and are as understated as the basic white paint of the rest of the exterior of the house, and the white metal gate.

The facade

The neat row of three identical homes, stand boldly with a different colour facade against the bright blue sky. The cube like design of the houses has a geometric symmetry, as well as a compact minimal beauty. The identical white and steel grey gates and fences in front are functional and stick to the same less in more philosophy that dictates the architecture of these homes.

Living & Dining area

Made of wood, the shuttered white French windows lead into a small tiled area that doubles up as a living and dining area. The shutters bathe the room with filtered natural light during the day, and are both beautiful and practical enough, as one doesn't need any curtains with such a window/door.

Open Kitchen

The living and dining area continues into a small open kitchen partitioned by a bright waist length wall. The partition is different in each home—Orange, blue or yellow. It is the same colour as the facade outside and is covered with a granite slab on top, that helps it double up as both a kitchen counter and a breakfast table.

Kitchen area

The kitchen area is covered in the same white tiles as the living area. But here the tiles extend up the walls as well. Another black granite counter with a basic steel sink on the other side, completes this minimal kitchen. There are no cabinets or cupboards in the kitchen, but there is plenty of space below and above the counters to build them according to one's style.

The side

In keeping with the happy homes theme, one side of these homes has also been painted the same colour as the front. A narrow strip with white shuttered wooden windows, interspersed with grey granite slabs with a round white vent lines this side of the home. While a narrow cement path separates each home from the other.

The Back

The simplicity of design and the industrial only what you need feel extends to the back of the home as well. A cube like section of the wall in the back has also been painted the same shade as the front of the house. While a back door leads to a tiny tiled patio, with a sink on a brick feature wall. A small cemented backyard, completes the basic living idea with which these homes have been built.

Colours lend individuality

The use of a different colour for each home has lean't each home an individuality of it's own, in spite of the identical architecture of all three. Each colour is suited for a different kind of personality—the light blue one for a reserved person with a subtle style, the bright orange one for a bold person who likes to make a statement, and the sunny yellow one for a happy go lucky cheerful person, who can make any home a happy space.

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