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SKI Villa @ Aamby Valley, Lonavala, Pune, GreenLounge GreenLounge Modern houses
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This beautiful villa is located in Aamby valley, Lonavala, Pune. Set against a scenic backdrop of peaceful rolling hills, this modern looking house is a real stunner and head turner. The SKI Villa, as it is called, is designed by GreenLounge, architects based in Pune.  Let's take a tour of this gorgeous weekend villa in Pune and get a dose of inspiration living here on homify. 

Lavish dining area

The dining area has an earthy color scheme dominated by shades of brown and green, creating a relaxing environment to share meals. A small bar is placed near the dining area, allowing practical and convenient access for guests, and also creating a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere in the dining area. 

A spacious lawn

The spacious lawn makes this property look like one of those mansions in Bollywood movies don't you think? The way the whole house and garden is lighted up, it seems like just the right atmosphere to break out into a dance! Having a big outdoor space is definitely a great advantage especially if you have children, pets, or love hosting parties. 

The SKI Villa

The SKI villa proudly exhibits its name at the entrance on a shiny black stone. As for the color scheme of the house exteriors, it is mainly white and black with some highlights of orange here and there. The natural stones used in the exterior of the house blend in nicely with the location it is set in, creating a harmonious environment.  We love that the house exteriors look pretty simple for a fancy villa. The SKI villa is modest yet intriguing, fitting into the environment harmoniously, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Let's take a look around the garden next. 

Open plan living

Here we can see that all the different areas of the house such as the dining area, bar, and living room are designed as one whole without any discontinuation in the flow of the design. This is what we call open plan living. With the open plan living design, each area is easily accessible and also open to all the rest, making it a more interactive house. The way a house is designed affects the interactions of the people that are in it. 

Chill-out lounge

Upstairs, the atmosphere gets a bit more casual and cozy with dim yellow lights, wooden flooring and warm shades. The fake ceiling lowers the ceiling and adds some drama to the place, making it cozier and warmer. It seems like this is some kind of recreational area with a huge flat screen TV and a pool table. A chill-out lounge to relax, unwind, and play should be a must for every villa. 

Simple kitchen

The kitchen is simple, yet spacious, and is well lit with fluorescent white lights. The mostly white theme of the house is continued here with the exception of some green highlights here and there. With plenty of space for storage provided, this kitchen is practical and efficient. Browse through some kitchens here on homify for more inspiration. 

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