The Shiny Luxury Of Murano Glass Ceiling Light By Italian Designers

CHARLESTON: la plafoniera realizzata in vetro di Murano, MULTIFORME® lighting MULTIFORME® lighting Houses
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Inspirations are everywhere. It depends on what the designers choose for inspiration. Who would have imagined that the 'flapper' dresses of the dancers that shimmered and bounced with the roaring 1920's popular solo dance Charleston will become an inspiration in the 2020s by the lighting designers of MULTIFORME lighting to design the CHARLESTON collection of modern style ceiling lights? Made from Murano's glass, the customizable collection are handblown by the master craftsmen of Italy, which glitters and sway to the tune of the Italian designers.

The Charleston ceiling lights are flexible and customizable. They can adapt to any interior decoration style and are suitable for homes, commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, offices, etc., adding unique furnishings to the decor. The Charleston model by Multiform is a work of art created in different metallic colours with glittering effects and various sizes. The primary element of the Charleston ceiling light is the thin sheet of Murano glass, which is repeated in a linear sequence. The rhythmic repetition of sequences forms fringes that resemble Charleston dances' typical costumes. What makes the ceiling lights more special apart from their inspiration is their modern, minimalist, simple and delicate style that add luxurious elegance to the interior decoration.

Let's peep into the Penthouse Suite of the Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa overlooking West Sand Beach in Scotland to get a glance at the ceiling lights that decorate the interior gracefully and elegantly.

Different Hues Of The Charleston Ceiling Light

Made of Murano glass, the stunning lightings of fine glass finishes are available in white, gold, silk, silver colours. Soon the ceiling lights will be made available in the metallic hue of nickel, gold and copper. The Murano's glass fringes are framed in nickel, gold, brushed copper or white, gold and lacquered chrome shades. Whatever the shade, the versatile Charleston collection by Multiforme ceiling lights conceptualized, designed, and styled by Italian designers add luxury elements in the interior decoration of the space they are adorning.

Romantic Ceiling Light Of The Bedroom

The beautifully decorated Penthouse suite furnished with classic and contemporary décor with a modern touch gets a dash of elegance through its lighting. The drop-down gorgeous Charleston ceiling light dropping from the ceiling elevates the style quotient of the decor. You can customise the handmade gold-coloured rectangular ceiling light in layers, adding or removing the layers depending on your choice and preferences. The warm glow of yellow light emitting from Murano's glass lighting highlights the modern shades of burgundy, wood and grey of the furniture and furnishings of the bedroom.

The Elegance Of The Different Layers

It’s the layers of the Charleston that gently sway with the breeze flowing through the balcony, sweeping the expansive social space that makes it fascinating. The Murano glass, arranged in different layers, add depth to the design and perspective of the lighting. The middle four-layered Charleston ceiling light gets complimented by rectangular lamps from both sides, adding glamour to the modern minimalist interior decoration of the living room, dining room and balcony opening to the beautiful and relaxing horizon.

Matching With The Flames of Fire

A cosy bedroom, a comfortable bathtub near the windows with a stunning view of the landscape, and the beautiful round-shaped gold-coloured Multiforme ceiling light hanging from above with its reflection on the wall cladding above an open fireplace, matching with the colour of flame. It creates an illusion of fire burning over the fireplace. What could be more soothing and welcoming in a bedroom of a Penthouse than luxurious interior decoration? 

Unique Elegance Of Lighting In The Stunning Décor

Lighting plays a vital role in defining the luxury of the décor. The versatile shade and shape of the Charleston collection, swaying layers and dropping fringes are the detail design elements that make the Multiforme ceiling lights luxurious, modern, classy, unique and exquisitely elegant lighting. The beauty of the Charleston ceiling light is that even the combination of different shapes and shades in one space enriches the environment with the unique style and bounds the décor in one stunning interior decoration.

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