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A spacious home for every pocket

Niyazi Özçakar İç Mimarlık Modern living room
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This house is one of the most beautifully designed and artistically crafted property. Elegance and modernity overflow from every corner of this house. From the esteemed project collection of NiyaziOzcakar architects, this house will surely mesmerize you. 

Discreet and modern

The living area of this house breathes freshness and uniqueness. The fall ceiling with LED’s and the feature wall with that puffed criss cross pattern are the major highlights of this area. Minimalist approach is followed again with just a couch and an indoor plant to contribute to the furniture. The center rug has bold, modern designs in gray white and black and surely will make you appreciate its worth.

Beautiful dining area

The dining area is again attached to the living area. Discreet wall designs make it look larger and spacious. A gray rock metallic chandelier holds the center spot. You will be amazed by the cozy yet highly functional dining table that sprawls in the entire dining area. The white and gray combination is in line with the overall hues and make a perfect match.

Huge kitchen area

The kitchen is an extension of the dining area or vice versa. It is huge and spreads over a large area. The beautiful flooring and the aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinets are like a match made in heaven. This kitchen is like a living dream. With cabinets running from one corner to the other, you just cannot ask for more storage space in this kitchen. One window in the center brings sunlight and fresh air into the kitchen. The unique combination of white and gray brings a contrasting feel to this space which adds an air of youth and perkiness. 

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Uniqueness at its best

Two uniquely designed sliding doors separate the dining area from the kitchen space. They also bring in the new concept of closed kitchen when not in use. The white doors are artistically designed with white criss cross croatian pattern in the middle. This modular kitchen is fitted with all modern appliances ranging from an oven to the dishwasher. It will be unjust if we don’t mention the unique lighting patterns here. This space does not have the conventional tube lights or LED’s but LED’s are fitted on two railings on the ceiling. They are in the unique shape of the shower cap.

A modern bedroom

White is predominant in this room as you have walls, ceiling, double bed and cabinets in the same colour. This room runs on the fact that ‘Less Is More’ . A unique kind of wardrobe is provided to help you organize better. The area above your headboard is used to make wardrobe. These wardrobes have in built handles and have a white lacquer finish. The opposite wall is also used as an additional wardrobe. With this much of a storage area, the need of walk in closet is absolutely eliminated.

Perfect bedroom furnishings

The space between the wardrobe and the bed is used for placing decorative collectibles or as a bookshelf. As the wardrobe is over the headboard area, the bed has a low lying design which is the most popular one these days. The center part of the ceiling is the fall ceiling fitted randomly with some LED’s. The main source of light in this room is the huge French window which occupies the entire wall on one side. The beautiful blue curtain goes well with the bed linen and the pillow rests.

This house is perfect for a small family of 2 or 3. This cozy and homely place will surely make you stay indoors and make you experience that extra love and warmth with your family members.

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