7 Practical garage designs for small Indian homes!

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Garages in India today are modern and not the rusty sheds of yore with mud floors and dim lights, that also served as storage area for garden tools. Even the most simplest garages today are operated by remote controls,  for which one does not need to get off from the car and they close automatically once the car is in. These are now more like status symbols for owners to house their precious possessions in style with designer lights. As owning multiple modes of transportation is quite common now, modern garages are spacious with tools to make small repairs at home. Here are seven practical garage designs that we have curated from out vast collection of garage designs from around the world, so that you can refer to for designing the best home for your beloved speed machine.

Clay roof style

Supported by twin concrete pillars the open air garage has a rustic slated roof with clay tiles and has been created as an extension of an original property. This form of carport are easy to set up and maintain as they  can be easily tailored to fit-in with the front veranda leaving sufficient space for people to walk in and out of the front door.

Trendy canopy style

Want to showcase your car and also protect it from the elements? Then this open air canopy style garage could meet your requirements. Built close to the boundary wall on a strong iron frame with fiber canopy roof this garage is common in farm houses and does not have any wall barriers.

Garage with built-in tool room

Are you the type that loves tinkering with tools in the garage and prefers to carry out basic cleaning and maintenance of your precious iron machines personally? Designed by Regalraum GMBH this garage has open shelves for storing all necessary tools, oils and other paraphernalia required for making small repairs along with a wide work table at one end. Everything has been neatly stacked against the wall for maximum utilization of space and leave sufficient space for tinkering around the car.

Home for vintage cars

The entire basement of this house has been turned into a garage to house vintage cars that can protect them from natural forces and retain restored glory for several more years. Built on a driveway level with sliding glass doors and supported by steel pillars, this carport is designed like a showroom to display the beauty of the vintage cars from all angles. Low key CFL lights lend a soft glow to the interiors in case the beauties have to be shown to vintage car enthusiasts at dinner.

Steel and glass

Next up we showcase a private garage that has been custom built to suit its flashy convertible inhabitants that cannot be kept in the open. The eclectic style garage opens into the basement office and has a stylish recessed lighting on the roof to lend an incandescent glow to the cars. Sliding glass door built into the glass wall separates the garage from office to seamlessly blend the region to the rest of the house.

Practical and compact

When you have a vast property, then it makes sense to house the garage at the far end to allow unrestricted entry and exit of cars and any other vehicles that may be housed in it. Designed like a wide tent house, the charming white garage here houses several modes of transport including car, motorbike and a couple of bicycles that appear suspended in mid air. A powerful lighting system keeps the garage safe from burglars that could be tempted to try their luck as the garage is located away from the house.

Perfection for your Porsche

A classy car like a Porsche requires a garage that is perfect in design and style to match its occupant's finesse. The all white garage has a slanting roof and cantilever door that open up in style to let the car in and out. High up on the roof is a picturesque skylight which keeps the garage well lit throughout the day. 

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