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A sophisticated home

Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by GRUPO VOLTA Modern
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The House of Loreto, located in the Villantigua division of San Luis Potosi is an architectural marvel built by Volta group. Designed by architects Antonio Villalba Palau and Gustavo Medina Ahumada with interiors decorated by Claudia Sanchez Espinosa, the 468 sq.mt home is built in an innovative Y shape. Usually custom built bungalows are designed for a family with children and pets, but this home was created for middle aged couple whose children left home to make their own future.

Its family room, dining area, service region and kitchen are located in the right wing while the left side has guest rooms and the living area. Its base section has a large hall and staircase leading to master bedroom and game room on one level. The design of the house has been created to allow maximum inflow of natural light throughout the day and is ideal for a family of two that have guests on a regular basis for entertainment.

So would you like to explore the artistic layout of this beautiful home with us?

Breathtaking sit-out

Walking out of the game area, visitors are greeted with a wide sit-out facing the garden. One entire wall is created out of glass to give viewers a breathtaking view of the garden while the area is comfortably laid out with a chaise lounge against one wall and dark coffee table with matching arm chairs and a maroon recliner.

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Eye-catching façade

To give an urban look to the front façade, it has been given a slightly deviated wall from the main section of the house. An open parking space has been created using a simple tiled roof to protect guests’ cars from harsh sunlight. The curved wall of dark stone making up the entrance gives a feeling of dynamism to this modern structure while the tiled columns on the side gives it a traditional touch.

Glide through the lobby to the game room

The standard color palette of this house has been gray and black stairs and roof that provide a sharp contrast against white walls, ceiling and furniture. To retain the sanctity of this area, it is absolutely clutter free and only one wall is adorned by a large black and white charcoal art of half a man’s face.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom’s floors and bed have been entirely decorated out of wood with the walls made out of terracotta tiles to create an ambiance of warm tones. Furnishings in white provide a lovely contrast to the pristine white roof of the room. This room too has an entire wall made of glass facing the bed so that sunlight can stream into the area early morning.

Private pool

Owners and guests can enjoy the wide attractive outdoor pool located in its left wing just below the bedroom.  An attractive geometric design made of black metal stands as a roof above this blue tiled swimming pool to allow natural play of light and shade. The intimate pool has a plaza floor with deck chairs for swimmers to lounge around after a relaxing swim.  The vision of this modern piece of architecture from its garden is breathtaking with a unique combination of stone, glass and steel. The design gently balances comfort with exquisite taste and is a perfect juxtaposition of modern design and traditional sensibilities. Design contractors, Vale garden houses excel in modern technology and are specialists in home decor. 

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