How to style your home like Malaysia's top celebrities!

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There is a reason why societies emulate iconic stars. Their beauty, talent, and successes represent all the things we hope to someday accomplish. They are sources of admiration and inspiration, not only for what they do professionally, but also in how they live their lives while they’re out of the limelight. Each culture reveres their own set of celebrities, whose advances have special value as they make their home countries proud on a global scale. Malaysia certainly has no shortage of amazing individuals worth honouring. 

So, the old adage begs the question, what better form of flattery than imitation? If one lives like the people he or she admires, they are that much closer to aligning with their own successes and gains in life. Not to mention, it’s just fun to draw aesthetic inspiration from those we look up to. Here’s how to style your home like Malaysia’s top celebrities!

Bunkface's edgy Brooklyn style loft

Bunkface is one of Malaysia’s most famous punk bands with musical stylings inspired by groups like Sum 41 and Blink 182. 

For any of you ‘Bunkers’ out there looking to aspire to this fun and carefree scene and lifestyle, try creating an edgy Brooklyn style loft like the one pictured here. Opt for black and metallic materials and other industrial features to achieve this look.

Go glam like Amber Chia

Amber Chia is a Malaysian model, actress, and TV personality. Chia has her own self-made Cinderella story as she rose to success from a difficult background. Today, her look is ultra feminine and glam. 

Her actual home was featured on HGTV’s Celebrity Homes – Asia, where it featured high ceilings, bold pops of colour, and unmistakable elegance, much like this bedroom by Interior Desires.

Get sporty for the aspiring Dato' Lee Chong Wie

Besides being undeniably fun at the amateur level, badminton is quite popular throughout Asia. Dato’ Lee Chong Wei remained the world’s best badminton player for nearly four years straight, the first Malaysian player to achieve this standing since the establishment of official rankings. 

If you have an aspiring sports star in your family who looks up to Lee Chong Wie, or if you simply love playing sports, consider building your house around a fully functional court of your choosing, as we can see in this ball court house.

A sophisticated abode for cinema royalty, Michelle Yeoh

With major roles like Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonTomorrow Never Dies, and a multitude of Hong Kong action films, there is no doubt that Michelle Yeoh is film screen royalty.  Throughout the world, Yeoh is renowned for both her acting abilities and her beauty. 

Yeoh carries an air that is sophisticated and mature. To style your apartment like hers, opt for a well-composed look that is equal parts refined and vivacious like this gorgeous dining space with red accents and Asian stylistic influences.

Boho chic like Yuna

Yuna is another one of Malaysia’s most famous music stars, whose popularity continues to rise to new heights. Her music has folk roots, and she is known to be quite down to earth in personality. 

To capture her style, we recommend cultivating a bohemian look that is simultaneously neat and simple. This space pulls it off with its minimalist walls and floors that are combined with bold textures and artistic details.

A kitchen fit for celebrity Chef Wan

When it comes to styling your kitchen after a Malaysian celebrity, look no further than Chef Wan. Made famous for his role as a TV chef, and has worked to popularise Malaysian and South East Asian cuisine worldwide. We chose the gorgeous kitchen above to represent his style because it is decorated in similar colour schemes as his Singapore restaurant, 1 Market.

We hope this guide has helped you to see how easy it can be to use your favourite celebrity personalities to inspire your next interior design scheme. 

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