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NORMAL outside, FANTASTIC inside

Classic style garden by Lormet Classic
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This very elegant villa amidst the green fields and gardens absorbs attention beautifully. Standing in the middle of natural environment, this villa gives a feel of freshness and purity. Fully equipped, this splendid villa gels pretty well with the enigmatic natural surroundings. A succulent environment enhances the beauty with the brightest sunlight that falls on the villa and lightens it up naturally.

Wonderful exteriors

The exteriors of the house along with the greenery around look really chic and classy. The simple color on the walls along with some natural and earthy shades gives a very peaceful sight. The hut design of the house looks just amazing along with the proper exterior fittings. The beautiful glass doors and windows allow the bright light to fall inside and glow up the house.

The greenery

A personal gardenarea is like a cherry on cake for every house. This house would have been incomplete without the greenery around. The grass, shrubs, green plants, colorful flowers and the trees all around add up to the spectacular natural environment of the villa. The beauty that it releases, enchants the vision and gives a dreamy serenity that is most joyful. The beautiful colors around the house brighten up the space and bring in the energy that revives the senses completely. 

Modern elegance

The modern railings, a chimney at the top, an open water tub with the huge tap to fill it, the shade in front of the villa, the set of table chairs kept right there for the tea time, the relaxing chairs in the garden and the small stones laid on the sides of the pathway made to walk up to the house all bring a very elegant look to the villa.

The fittings

The use of steel in the exterior and interior of the house is very prominent. From the railings to the shades, chairs and stylish bathroom fittings, all are made of very durable steel. 

Steel hooks

The wall at the entrance of the villa has some hooks to hang the coats at the entrance, a well thought and executed décor that adds to the beauty of the villa. The entrance of the house has a shade made in the veranda that stands on strong steel and looks absolutely stunning. The entry gate made of steel and the wide tap in the garden look marvelous. The white bathroom fittings are simple and minimal yet efficient.

Artistic yet minimalist walls and floors

Coming to the walls and the floors of the house, it’s a very minimalistic design. The white shade used on the walls and the light shades used on the exteriors and the rooms along with the bathroom look very peaceful and make the area look wider and spacious. The minimalistic décor and designs give it a very refreshing look and enrich the senses. The wooden frames of the doors and windows also look very natural and modern together. The brick wall design in the exterior and at the top of the house gives it a minimal and rustic look with the earthy design. The effective use of grey, brown and natural green around make it look very natural and classy. 

Spending sometime amidst this green natural surroundings make oneself feel refreshed and full of positive energy. It is a very good example of a simple, minimalistic and rustic design put together extremely wonderfully. Want to decorate your home with minimum furniture around? Here's an ideabook to help you make a good choice : How to decorate your home with minimal furniture

Stylish interiors

The very chic and stylish interiors of the house look equally enigmatic and enhance the villa wonderfully. Use of different colors to divide the area in the front room is very intelligently executed. One side of the room is decorated with the long white L-shaped sofa and white cushions. The other side of the room has a prominent red corner with red chairs and table. One wall on this side of the room is also painted red along with the fire place made within the wall. The wall mounted shelf beneath the wall mounted television completes the décor. The first floor has a small library area for study. A shelf placed very smartly instead of a railing glorifies the room instantly.Click here for some chic study furniture designs by Home makers interior designers and decorators

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