8 Wardrobes with stunning looks for your home

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Wardrobes have always been treasured by owners for their versatility and ability to stock precious collections of accessories, so that they remain perfect for several years. The rich and famous have always had their wardrobes made by specialist carpenters who have designed unique furniture pieces for them some of which have become antiques. But you need not go antique hunting to find your dream wardrobe, our experts have created some stunning wardrobes for you, that can probably become family heirlooms after a few years !

Colour up the room

This lovely wardrobe can bring life and happiness to any room. easest way to show your passion and love to your guests.

Spoilt for choice

This elaborate wardrobe with clearly demarcated regions for the master and mistress built in tunnel style has shelves for a wide variety of clothing in different sizes, along with boxes for accessories and narrow shelves  for shoes. The Slanted roof has been cleverly utilized to build angular cupboards with drawers at the center and full length mirrors without wastage of space at the edge of the dressing room.

Alice in wonderland

Outrageous lavishness was the vision that Lamco Designs Ltd had when they designed this wardrobe of wood and glass. The large rotating crystal globe twinkles and sheds rays of light across the room on the masterpieces handing from the shelves. Sensitive glass doors slide aside noiselessly when you step into the wardrobe to admire the collection of outfits which embody style and class.

On top of the world

There is no rule stating that a wardrobe has to be a confined space cut off from the rest of the world, with only a few clothes and mirrors for company. The breathtaking view from the picturesque window of this one-of-a-kind minimalist style wardrobe is as precious to the owner as the collection of designer clothes and shoes lining the shelves. 

Cozy in leather

Though this walk-in wardrobe is narrow and rectangular in shape and may not measure up to most peoples sense of a lavish wardrobe, but its tasteful design and leather floor with glowing lights like a discotheque make up for the lack of space. 

Style Diva's wardrobe

For a woman of style and substance an orderly wardrobe offering varied shelf options is the ideal choice as she would want every piece of clothing and accessory to be perfect. 

A gentleman's den

Designed in warm oak with evenly sized floor to roof level open storage sections, this walk-in wardrobe has been created for a man that does not have to work too hard to look well dressed. 

Built for a visionary shopper

This wardrobe with short and long, small and large open shelves has been built to cater to the vision of impulsive shoppers. Do check out our decorative wardrobe collection here.

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