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Southwestern style can be defined as rich colours, earthy tones, rough fabrics, and brightly coloured objects. This design can feel welcoming, inviting and cosy, so why not incorporate southwestern style into a bedroom? An easy way to do so is it add hip southwestern style bedding. Use bright pillows, textured throws, and more to create the perfect southwestern feel. These hip southwestern style bedding designs  are perfect ideas for anyone looking to create the look.

Just a touch

Oakland 4ft 6 Double Bed The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
The Cotswold Company

Oakland 4ft 6 Double Bed

The Cotswold Company

Sometimes just one small touch will transform a whole look, as the throw here does for this bedding, the bedding is mostly white, a plain, clean palette. The throw them adds all of the style, character and southwestern personality to the bedding. It is a quilt made of many colours such as bold blues, bright yellows, reds and more. It looks like the perfect quilt to cuddle in and watch an Arizona sunset. The quilt is just the right touch to incorporate grand style and transform the bedding form ordinary to hip southwestern style.

Perfect throws

This room uses colourful throws to create a perfect hip southwestern look. The throw at the bottom of the bed uses rich colours of red, blue, yellow and green to bring in bold colour. The throw itself is a rough texture, a staple of southwestern style. These colours continue with the throw pillows at the head of the bed. Rich shades of red, brown and green are used to bring out colour even more. The pillows also have a sheen to them which makes them pop even more. The end result is a hip, modern  southwestern style master bedroom thanks to the bedding.

Orange you glad

Orange is a very popular colour when it comes to southwestern style. It is both a bold colour and an earthy one, bringing in bold hints of nature. This bedding uses orange as its palette and comes out a winner. The shade is a burnt orange, like the sunset. It is not a solid orange, instead it looks more textured and natural and includes lighter shades of orange to give it a rustic feel. The throw pillows are the same colour, continuing the uniform look. Coupled with a dark brown wood bed with texture and design itself, this is a great, hip southwestern style bedding design.

Modern take

This is a very modern take on southwestern style bedding. Instead of using bright and bold colours, neutral and earthy tones are used instead, along with many layers and textures to create the look. At the base a bright white is used, which is seen again in a peek with a white pillow. There are several throws used, a deep black one, an earthy beige, and a faded black which has a great rustic look. The fringe on this throw brings in more texture and a more rustic look. Finally there at several large and comfortable looking pillows that continue the neutral tones of beige, white and black, coming together to create a modern and hip southwestern bedding look.

Traditional style

Single fold down bed The Upcyclist Eclectic style bedroom
The Upcyclist

Single fold down bed

The Upcyclist

This bedding uses traditional bedding to create a classic southwestern look. The cover uses bright colours of blue, green, orange and browns, all traditional southwestern colours. The pattern uses stripes of different widths to create design. The cover itself is of a rough texture too. Finally the three throw pillows continue the look. They also incorporate stripes in their design, this time smaller stripes. Colour continues with the pillows with more red, blue and purple. The end result is a classic southwestern look.

Quilted love

Fusion interiors , The Orange Lane The Orange Lane Minimalist bedroom
The Orange Lane

Fusion interiors

The Orange Lane

This beautiful, massive quilt looks so comfortable and inviting, it is the perfect southwestern addition,. The quilt uses many colours in earthy tones such as browns, reds, blues, and yellows to create the look. The design uses cool geometric shapes, and there are many patterns that create texture. Two large, brown suede pillows are used to accent, as well as another accent pillow that is made from the same pattern of quilt. This quilted loved is a great take on hip southwestern style bedding.

Double fun

Colourful boys bedroom LLI Design Modern style bedroom
LLI Design

Colourful boys bedroom

LLI Design

These two identical beds use bold colour and design to create a hip southwestern bedding feel. The bedding uses many colours, inclusive of blues, yellows, purples and greens to create an eye catching look. It doesn't stop there, the bedding also uses an intricate pattern to add style and personality. The pattern uses geometric shapes, lines, dots and more to create a rich and texture look. Finally the designer chose to continue this look by using the same design for the pillows, creating a bold and in your face look.

Southwestern chic

For a chic, hip southwestern look, try this bedding set. The colours used are traditional in southwestern style; blues, oranges, greens and more to create an earthy look. The stripes of the bedding bring in more design and pattern, giving the colours a nice textured look. The pattern also makes the bedding look very modern and chic, a spin on the traditional southwestern bedding. Finally solid black decorative pillows finish this ultra hip southwestern bedding design.

All in the pillows

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013, Design Intervention Design Intervention Colonial style bedroom
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

These fun pillows completely make the look for this bedding. The bedding starts off on a clean slate with bright white sheets. There is a white fur throw at the edge of the bed, which is a nice southwestern touch with its texture and natural feel. There are then several pillows that incorporate colour in bold ways. Two pillows use a zig zag pattern and blues, greens, yellows and reds to bring in fun colour. Three pillows work with the same design and use colours that look like a southwestern sunset. Finally a solid turquoise pillow ties it all in for this hip southwestern bedding look.

Elegant southwest

Residence for the Unknown Client, LIJO.RENY.architects LIJO.RENY.architects Modern style bedroom

Residence for the Unknown Client


Looking to keep an elegant feel while incorporating southwestern style? This bedding does it right. The bedding uses bold colours in a mature and real way. Gold and two deep shades of magenta are used. These colours work well together, and look very regal yet are also bold and fun. The pattern lends itself to southwestern style, using fun shapes with rough edges. A peek of white shows through, breaking up the pattern as to not make it overwhelming and maintain the elegance. Finally the two pillows continue the look by matching perfectly with the cover. This is a great look for those who want a hip southwestern look along with elegant style.

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