10 AWESOME ways to introduce more RED into your home!

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
Luxury Penthouse London, Quirke McNamara Quirke McNamara Modern style bedroom Red
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Red is the colour of passion, they say. Its not a color that's in between, you either like it or you don't. It has strong connotations and use of red can create a dramatic impact. What is the best way to use this color? Lets explore different ways of introducing more red into your home. You'll be surprised to see what kind of impact it can create in the room, from dramtic to subtle; red need not be your favourite color but it can add that X factor to your decor and how!

Are you up for a red kitchen?

Now this is not for the faint hearted! An all red kitchen needs a certain sense of attitude to be pulled off; both in design and in the owner. When going all out red, be careful to not slip over to the tackiness. 

Red Glass Bead Curtain

This quirky glass bead creation as unique and stylish. It's no where subtle, but the use of glass against the natural light, tones down the overall effect.

Signature Wall

Luxury Penthouse London, Quirke McNamara Quirke McNamara Modern style bedroom Red
Quirke McNamara

Luxury Penthouse London

Quirke McNamara

A signature wall in rich vibrant red is a worthy option when you want to create a glamourous space. Think of a luxurious sofa, a snazzy lampshade and a contrasting display counter in blue light; just perfect for an in-home cocktail party.

Red Bookshelf

This off-beat book shelf in black, beige and red allows beautiful blending of colors in earthy tones. If rustic is your style, red can be good choice too; just mix and match and use not so shiney finishes.

Mix n match

'Ardesia' stacking chair by Stones homify Modern dining room Plastic Red Chairs & benches

'Ardesia' stacking chair by Stones


If red it too much for your taste, mix and match with more nuetral tones. Red goes well with white, grey, off white and black. You could create your unique color palatte and contrast with other hues as per your liking.

Fresh Flowers

You can rarely go wrong with flowers. Bright red roses are easy to procure, add lot of positivity, can set a romantic mood and best of all; add a touch of red without being permanent. So when there is a subltle decor, a bunch of red roses can quickly brighten up the place.

Want to dwell more on how to decorate your home with flowers? Here are 6 easy ways to do it.

Dull red dining

You can use dull tones of red in furniture. So a more earthy hue with a rough finish would be ideal for a dining table setting. A red, but not in your face red, is simple and refined.

Red art

An art piece in the living room can instantly enhance the look of the room. An art in red, can make it even more dramatic and unmissable. Again the choice of colors is interesting, dull wall as backdrop makes the art stand out.

Some red for the bedroom

When we are talking red, how can the bedroom be ignored? Add rich red colored pillows and sheets. A matching tone on the curtains and wall paper can be great addition to the theme of a romantic setting.

Red couch

Everything in this living room matches, except the big red couch. Inspite of that, it does not look out of place, infact makes it an interesting little spot. It could even be the star attraction in the room!

Red can add that much-needed chutzpah to any corner of the house. Add some of this color through accessories, furniture or even flowers and watch your room come alive.

Want to look at more color themes? Check out this awesome ideabook on best use of teal blue and grey.

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