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11 tips for maintaining a cool home during the Indian summer

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The effects of global warming are rapidly multiplying and this year the intensity of summer was at its peak with temperatures soaring to undesirable levels, making people sweat even inside homes in tropical regions. Though air-conditioners and fans provide required relief during this situation, they also contributed to soaring utility bills and even power cuts in some regions. While this situation has forced people to think about dangers of unplanned growth many are considering construction methods to improve ventilation and circulation within existing homes. Here are essential tips that you can implement without breaking a bank to maintain a cool home in summer with a reasonable utility bill and without compromising your comfort. 

Keep the windows and blinds closed

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According to experts 30 percent of heat within the house can be reduced if the windows are closed and blinds or curtains are tightly drawn, before sunlight becomes fierce. While dark colored blinds are preferable, a combination of light and dark curtains would also help to keep indoors cool in summer with the white curtains directly facing sun rays and deflecting them. 

Light colored bed-sheets

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​Exquisite Indian wood carving art


Cotton is an ideal fabric for use during summer, be it for clothing or for bedlinen as these are breathable and allow the skin to stay cool. White and light colored bed sheets and pillow cases are preferable as they do not absorb heat and stick to the body like other artificial fabrics. 

Ceiling fans

While air-conditioners and air coolers manage to keep the heat at bay, these cannot be used throughout the day and at such times the humble ceiling fan plays a major role. While ceiling fans near open windows at night bring in cool air into the house portable fans are equally useful in areas like kitchens. In this beautiful Asian style home the ceiling fan is located close to door opening onto the garden to bring fresh cool air in the evening.

Soothing CFL Lights

Kitchen renovation showing island, lights, cupboards and bay window The Victorian Emporium Classic style kitchen
The Victorian Emporium

Kitchen renovation showing island, lights, cupboards and bay window

The Victorian Emporium

If you have not changed the lighting system from incandescent to CFL the time is now. The former waste almost 90 percent of their energy in emitting heat instead of light so making the shift to CFL lights will provide you brightness instead of inflated energy bills. These attractive drop down pendulum shaped lights from The Victorian Emporium are soothing to the eyes and ideal example of CFL illumination.

Enjoy outdoor cooking

During summer, just the thought of cooking before a hot plate or gas flame makes even the most experienced cook cringe. Cooking generates heat and in summer it becomes a tedious chore with the heat wafting off the cooking vessels making the kitchen feel like a furnace. Why not carry your cooking outdoors to an open air grill by cleaning up the barbecue on the porch and avoid the hot sweaty kitchen. 

Indoor pool and spa

Terrace Dip Pool Mind Studio Modern pool
Mind Studio

Terrace Dip Pool

Mind Studio

An indoor pool and spa can help to keep the temperature within the house at a low level as it absorbs heat and keeps the surroundings cool. Though there are issues of humidity with indoor pools, dehumidifiers can reduce the problem by keeping the evaporation and condensation within required limits. 

Ceiling fan in the bathroom

Bathroom ceiling fans can be used to reduce humidity and moisture in the area and to bring in fresh air. After everyone has had a bath it is best to open all windows and switch on the ceiling fan at maximum speed to release trapped heat and make the bathroom cool and dry.

Cool marble flooring

The fetish that people living in tropical regions have for marble is solely because of its ability to remain cool and soothing even when the temperatures outside are blazing hot. The recent heat wave across the desert region of Thar enabled people to roast several edibles in the midday sun but the temperature inside the marble temples were cool enough for stray animals to take shelter in them. 

Soothing greenery

Plants reduce levels of suspended particles inside the house and shady deciduous trees protect the house from summer temperatures. Native tree varieties are ideal for protecting the house from direct sunlight as they have better chances of survival and have foliage suited to local climatic conditions. 

Indoor waterfall

The Running Wall Residence LIJO.RENY.architects Houses

The Running Wall Residence


Just as indoor swimming pools help to keep the house cool, waterfalls and fountains inside the house help to keep temperature down. The water used in waterfalls and fountains is always in motion and keeps absorbing the heat around to keep the temperature levels low inside the house. 

Awnings on windows

Though window shades and blinds help to block sunlight, heat awnings above south and west facing windows reduce heat by several degrees, by deflecting direct rays during the day and not letting them touch the window surface. 

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