5 amazing wall murals

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Here are 5 amazing wall murals that will breathe life, art, and beauty into your home instantly. Most people often opt for wallpaper rather than wall murals, however in many parts of India where it is mostly hot and humid, wallpaper doesn't last very long. Hence wall murals are a more sustainable way of livening up the walls in Indian homes. A wall mural is art produced by artists, while wallpaper is usually more generic and manufactured for the masses. This makes wall murals more unique and special compared to wallpaper. 

This ideabook features wall murals for the living room, wall murals for the bedroom, wall murals for the home office, and wall murals for the corridor. Let's take a stroll through and admire these beautiful works of art. 

Wall mural for the bedroom

This lovely wall mural for the bedroom features a vivid painting of an avenue of cherry blossom tress in full bloom. Although most people tend to associate cherry blossom trees with China and Japan, northern India is also home to these beautiful trees. The cherry blossom is not as representative of India as the elephant, but this also makes it more unique in its own way. 

The wall mural has a dreamy effect and is also terribly romantic. It's a beautiful sight to wake up to and fall asleep to. 

Wall mural for the living room

Yes, there is definitely an elephant in the living room! It's hard to ignore this amazing wall mural of a majestic life-size elephant painted in realistic style. The wall mural gives the living room a jungle feel, and we can see that this vibe is enhanced with the leopard print lampshade and cushions. 

The grey color of the elephant is nicely contrasted with the warm pinkish, brownish color of the walls, making the mural stand out even more. It almost feels as if the elephant is going to walk through the living room at any moment!  As if that isn't impressive enough, the artist has also gone to the lengths of defining and framing the windows with intricate abstract designs. 

We think this wall mural for the living room is simply perfect for an Indian home in the tropics. Jungle fever! 

Wall mural for the home office

This gorgeous wall mural for the home office is a great way of motivating yourself to work. Do you dream of having a home office in a beautiful tropical paradise island? Well, this realistic wall mural might get you one step closer to that dream. It almost feels as if you're just looking out the window at a real view. 

The vibrant blues and greens are soothing as well as refreshing, creating the perfect vibe for a home office. What a great way to start a work day! 

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Wall mural for the corridor

Corridors don't have to be dark, narrow, and merely a means of passing though. They can be bright, interesting, and inspiring like this one. This creative wall mural features a window, quite apt for a dark corridor. The painting of the window pops out and comes to life with the curtains, the shelf with the pot of flowers, and the bicycle with the basket of flowers. 

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Metallic wall mural

This artwork is created by artists and artisans from Ben Wall Mural Art in Thanjavur. The unique metallic bronze colored wall mural features tribal people with a matching style that is very much reminiscent of a cave man drawing. It is carved out of a wood-plastic composite material. 

We hope you've been inspired by these amazing wall murals. Stay tuned on homify for more great ideas. 

Which wall mural did you like best? Let us know in your comments below. 

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