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7 Inspirational Indian Pooja Room designs

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Faith is something deeply personal. You either have it or you don't. If you don't have it, you can never get what others see in it. If you do, you can never get why others don't get it. Either ways, one's belief, or lack of it, finds a bold statement in one's home. So if you do believe in a higher power, and perhaps even have a favourite deity, here are 7 stunning pooja area ideas that you will find inspirational.

1. The cottage temple

This cottage shaped pooja area designed by ANSARI AND ASSOCIATES from Chennai, is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The tiled roof of the wooden cupboard in which the pictures of deities have been kept, and the tiled flooring of the area has a very contemporary feel. But the pancha-pradeeps on either side of the pooja cupboard, and the little chair are rooted in tradition.

2. Wooden pooja corner

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Pooja room


You don't necessarily need a room to create a beautiful pooja area in your home. This wooden corner on one side of the dining area in this home, shows that devotion can be displayed with beauty anywhere. Opting for a curved feature wall with shelves, a raised wooden floor, and a wooden double ceiling with lights, has made the pooja area the pièce de résistance in this room.

3. Latticed pooja corner

Another way to create a special pooja corner in any room, is to opt for a few glass shelves and a grill lattice extending from the shelves all the way to the ceiling. One can see this in this pooja corner created by DRASHTIKON DESIGNER CONSULTANT. Wooden accents, backlit photos of deities, and metal bells and lamps will further enhance the beauty of such a pooja corner.

4. Semi-cylindrical pooja corner

You can also carve out a special niche for your pooja needs by creating a semi-cylindrical glass and wooden corner, like the one here. Adding a metal backdrop and lighting the shelves from below, will make such a pooja area stand out even more. You can even opt for a fixed wooden pooja thali on the floor, like in this pooja space.

5. Fiery Saffron pooja room

Saffron has special significance in Hinduism. Fire is a symbol of sacrifice and renouncing ego in Hinduism, and the colour saffron best encompasses the colour of fire. You can create a saffron pooja room that burns with a divine glow, by opting for a backlit layered orange backdrop behind your pooja area, like the one in this room designed by TULI ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS.

6. Minimal white pooja alcove

You can turn an alcove in your home into a place for pooja. If you have a subtle understated style in general, this minimal white pooja alcove will meet all your needs. A simple alcove can be converted into something special by using wood and white laminate . The pictures of your deities will look more luminous, if you opt for a innovative light on the ceiling like here.

7. Feature wall for 'isht deva or devi'

the internal walls of the pooja room Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

the internal walls of the pooja room

Hasta architects

If you have a particular deity that you are more devoted to, or you have a 'isht deva or devi' that your family has always believed in, a stunning wooden feature wall is the ideal way to display a huge picture of that deity. You can go for a panelled wooden wall with a single picture like here, or opt for a more elaborate wooden feature wall for your favourite God, while still keeping a respectful amount of space for other God's in a shelf below.

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