Before and After: From Old to Gold; An Apartment change of a lifetime!

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Remodelação de apartamento - Campo de Ourique, EAO - PORTUGAL ARQUITECTURA EAO - PORTUGAL ARQUITECTURA
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What do you do when you have a home that is run down and in such a dilapidated condition that it makes you want to stay out? Well, you do what the architects at EAO-Portugal, Arquitectura LDA did with this home! This small flat, Campo de Ourique was anything but ideal for habitation, thanks to its crumbling walls, peeling paint and a sorry state of affairs as far as style went. Situated in the historically and culturally rich city of Lisbon, it was sad to see a home with potential lying in such state. But now, with some modish remodeling, tasteful designs, and clever ideas, this abode sparkles and shines in a whole new light. Take the tour to enjoy the transformation closely.

Before: A Kitchen in Ruins

This kitchen was not in a condition where you would want to cook in a million years. The concrete was crumbling and giving way to the falling walls. The tiles were chipped and faded. The paint was ready for a replacement. The overall disheveled look of the space made it completely unfit for anything, leave alone cooking.

After: Style and Functionality Take Over

The space we just saw is now a power packed kitchen and dining area which is visually pleasing, practical and bright. A splash of paint and gleaming chrome fittings has turned the old kitchen into a style haven. There is enough space for storing all kitchen essentials and appliances, and the cool grey floor is a contemporary touch. Wooden flooring in the dining area exudes a warm appeal while a wooden dining table sits in the centre, waiting for piping hot meals.

Before: Covered in Unsightly Scaffolding

The home was covered in scaffolding and poles with people milling around, trying to make sense of the ongoing as far as the lack of design scheme went. The roof was taken down as the designers tried to decide what to do with the space and where to create a beautiful living space.

After: Sparkling Metamorphosis of the Main Hall

The living room now has a wonderful look that resembles a modern retreat. The luxuriously inclined room now has glossy hardwood flooring with large glass doors that guide natural light inside. The wall at the end has been pushed back to accommodate a white bookshelf with lots of bric-a-brac to add to the decor. The plush and pristine white rug and the retro style white chair lend a relaxing vibe to the space.

After: The Glowing Staircase

The staircase is not the only solid addition to this space. The hardwood flooring and the new windows make quite a statement as far as design values go. These superior looking materials and fixtures have made this home seem virtually unrecognizable. The steps are lined with subtle lights that add to the glossy good looks of the wooden stairs.

Subtle says it all in this makeover, as the designers bring in understated elements to visually open up the space and make it an urban retreat that the home owners are now proud of. Here is another before and after story to get your creative juices flowing - Before and After: The incredible transformation of a city apartment.

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