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10 Awesome homes with views to kill for!

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Here's an assortment of some stunning views from houses that are unique both in their design and location. Ingenious planning and structural design along with scenic and sometimes offbeat locations make these houses with a view that's utterly spellbinding, divine and something that only a few manage to savour. Enjoy a tour through this ideabook and maybe get inspired for a unique house of your own!

Beauty in the City!

City homes in the suburbs have something magical about them.They are beautiful to look at from a distance. They look so calm and serene from up there while full of action on the ground. A well-covered balcony is perfect to enjoy the dusk when the city changes its colors and comes to life at night.

Majestic mountains

Hills have something special. It's the crisp air or the sheer enormity of mountains that makse you feel so insignificant and in awe of nature! Being amidst mountains is a blessing and a home in these stunning surroundings offer delightful sights and sounds.

In the jungle

If being secluded and in the midst of the forest is your idea of a perfect home, then a one like this is an ideal choice. Do not wander just too deep into the jungle though! So a bungalow on the outskirts is just right to enjoy the sounds of the forest yet remain safe.

Forest House

Another unique forest house with a peculiar structure. Modern and contemporary and yet it does not look out of place in the woods. The majestic trees and thick cover offer amazing views from all sides of the house.

Check out this unique house's other features; a clever design for sure.

Forest and ocean view

Here we have both the forest and the vast ocean blending with the beautiful clear blue sky. A breathtaking scenery that's bound to calm every restless soul.

View of the river

Imagine you look outside the window and there you have a river, mountain, trees, and birds, just like a scenery you used to draw when you were little? It is a reality for many. Check out this house by the Ganges, so idyllic and charming.

Ocean view from a high rise

You needen't be an owner of a bunglaow in order to enjoy the ocean view, highrise aprtments offer even better opportunity to enjoy the scenery from a height. Add to that the constant breeze and you have a perfect spot in the balcony to sit back and relax whenever you want to.

Where sea meets the sky

Such a unique design which makes the infinity pool merge with the ocean and then with the sky. Amazing hues of blue create a picturesqe sight, truly one to die for!

View in comfort and style

Enjoy the gorgeous rough ocean waves, but why lean on a terrace or a deck? A large enough jacuzzi fit for a couple, lets you enjoy the view in the most comfortable and luxurious setting! Now that's definitely uber stylish!

Make a unique outdoor setting

When you have sufficient outdoor space, make it a private haven of beautiful views. Create pretty outdoor setting with landscaped gardens, stunning pool, comfortable seating to enjoy the  weather, just like in this lovely house in Goa.

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