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Poojas at Home: 10 Breathtaking Designs to Inspire You!

Bishwadeep Mitra Bishwadeep Mitra
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What is pooja to you? Is it a mechanical counting of beads like our grandparents used to do, or is it something exotic and personal to you? Do you find it soothing when you pray in the pooja room of your home? Or is it also a chance of wonderful silent communication with your fellow family members where only positive energy and vibe surround?

Although it is impossible to imagine an Indian household without a dedicated pooja room, nowadays builders fail to pay the correct amount of attention to the abode of Gods in our homes. Going by the Hindu terminology, making a mandir at home paves the way for mindfulness and an anchorage of our minds.

Going by the recent trends of mandir designs, I found it rather painful to watch that most people fail to materialize their best plans.

However, homify with all its worthy professionals will definitely convert your dream plans into a reality! But first, we have to get out of the box to think of some creative designs and that's why I have curated a list out of Homify’s best collections. Check them out:

1. Everything kept Elegantly in one place

For your ultimate temple of faith, you can start with having a dedicated wall for the Gods. This setup ranks the highest in my list owing to its minimum cost and how varied the designs could get.

2. The Shine in the Dark

This is another advanced improvisation over the first mandir design. Observe how the enchanting wooden carving mingles with the shining image of Lord Krishna, all the more dazzled by the contrasting combination. The overall ambiance created by this setup is very cost-effective yet so hard-hitting.

3. Ganesha in a Colourful Series

The pooja room could also shine in your creativity. Every one of us has a favorite God out of all. For some, it is Ganesha, while the trendier ones go for Shiva. Anyway, my point here is to adorn your pooja room with contrasting color patterns on the walls and put all your favorite Gods in each part of the larger pattern. Check out this design where the smaller Ganeshas harmoniously surround the bigger idol.

4. The Storehouse of Serenity

This design is for those who love to closely meditate within the confines of supreme religiosity. Observe how a small elevated space and a wooden stand are enough to create the ambiance. The rest has been made possible with the diyas, flowers in the pots, and of course, the complementing colors on the walls. The idea here is to keep the vibrancy of the room in sharp focus and controlling the lighting to exude calmness.

5. Playing with glass, playing with lights

It is a sheer wonder to think how light plays with us all day. It is one of the strangest and most beautiful creations of God and surely you should make use of it. Look at this case in hand and get inspired!

6. Going Back to the Traditions

This is a simple mandir with the perfect light conditions to bring out the religious and holy side in you. The trapezium wooden structure delightfully holds the Vishnu idol while the hanging diyas set the mood.

7. When Mandir is Also a Cupboard

No worries if you can’t find a separate room for your Gods! A simple wooden cupboard with doors and small glass windows will work just fine. Here the USP of the design lies in its simplicity. You can further enhance it with some engravings as they are here in this design.

8. A Place for Everyone!

This design is for joint families where people of multiple rituals and faith can conglomerate and pray. Check out the pluralism and vibrance in the design. The brass lamps further accentuate the aura of harmony embedded in the design.

9. The Delightful Luxury of Space

This design will mesmerize and inspire you with all its grandeur. Sure, the golden lights are alluring because the entire room is loaded with family idols and still leaves enough space to accommodate lamps and other pooja paraphernalia. Albeit costly, you can have this exact effect on your walls with intricate glasswork and lights. 

10. Let’s end the list with some minimalism

This design may remind you of the temples in Korean dramas or even some Scandinavian architecture. But this powerful symbolic minimalism holds enough value to us historically. It echoes back the golden period of Indian history while proudly competing with most modern designs. The best part about it is its cost-effectiveness.

You must be brimming with inspiration already, aren’t you? But Homify is your ultimate inexhaustible storehouse of creativity. So, as a parting note, here are another 10 visually stunning pooja rooms for you. Keep scrolling and creating!

Which mandir design touched your heart? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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