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10 Modern Bathrooms for Neourban Spaces

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We rarely prioritize our bedrooms and our bathrooms in a similar fashion! We spend ample time in locating the windows, ascertaining the light conditions, fixing the furniture styles, and so on. However, more often than not, bathroom planning is left behind. 

The end result is a common issue across apartments where there is not enough storage space in the bathroom. In other words, free movement inside the small bathroom while keeping all the assortments intact is difficult. 

Yet, we can’t simply raze our buildings down and build something brand new, right? And even the toughest problems have solutions. Today, I will give you 10 tips on bathroom storage and how to use the available space in a bathroom down to the last inch. 

1. Go vertical!

This is the simplest idea to work on and also quite efficient. All you need is a set of wooden planks to make a sturdy wall cabinet. That will hold all your bathroom assortments without interrupting your mobility.

2. Wall Engravings?

Don’t get confused just yet. But we have a penchant for some drama, which is why we suggest in-built shelves as an option to increase the useful surface area of your bathroom. I personally love in-built shelves because they are cost-effective and permanent.

3. MInimalist Lines and Divisions

You may have seen this style of bathroom designing in corporate spaces, but it works pretty well inside not-so-spacious apartments. With each department carefully designed to work to their utmost efficiency, this bathroom style also saves time.

5. An Extensive Inner Shelf

How about improvising the second tip a bit more extensively, and carefully chalk out a cupboard altogether? The assortment in the picture fits the entire setup perfectly without disrupting your bathroom mobility.

6. Working with a mirror

Bathroom storage ideas multiply once you start brainstorming. The following two pictures (6 and 7) will give you an idea as to how to attach a ‘feeling’ of spaciousness without your bathroom actually being so. Mirrors always enhance the light and spatial conditions of a room.

7. Mirrors work everywhere and in every size!

Look at the size of this bathroom and how spacious it looks. First, the divisions in the bathroom make it look more spacious, and to add to the garnish, the light source alongside the mirror gives the perfect dealbreaker.

8. Style and Simplicty in a Nutshell

This bathroom seems like the size of an airplane washroom. They are the highest-ranking example of space-saving mechanisms but would surpass every other design in utility. 

9. A More Comfy Setup with mounted cabinets

Designing this piece is the least expensive! All you have to do is stick some glass shelves on the empty walls of your bathroom, and you have a black marble set up with so many things to keep around.

10. Moving Everything to the Corners

Packing one corner heavily while leaving the rest of the blank also exudes the feeling of spaciousness. Observe how the commode and the mirror adjoining the cabinet on one side have given away the rest of the space for all functional purposes. 

Professionals nowadays are designing some of the sleekest blueprints of bathrooms, focussing primarily on the utilitarian aspects, and then working on the aesthetics. This is a much more practical approach as far as proper finishing and designing are concerned.

If you could muster inspiration from these ten bathroom designs, you will surely be mindblown once you visit this curated list of 20 minuscule yet fabulous washrooms. Explore and start designing today!

So, which designs inspired you the most? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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