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Welcoming Vastu in Your Home, The Spirit of Auspicious Luck & Wealth

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What is Vastu?

Vastu is the ultimate gamut of ancient architectural insights that develop into a unique system to establish the rules of designing homes and residences. The aim of this ancient Indian architecture is to shed light on the hidden potential of the people residing inside those spaces while also maximizing financial security. People residing outside India find this concept fascinating and strange at the same time, but Indians have been verily using it for thousands of years! 

Vastu Shastra seeks to calculate the ways in which Kuber, the God of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Even for those who don’t believe in aligning residential architecture for good luck, it really doesn’t hurt to decorate certain areas of your home and make it more organized in some sense! 

A deeper understanding & application of Vastu Shastra will entail directional guidelines right from laying the foundation stone of the house. Particular rooms need to be aligned in accordance with the sun’s position, and therefore, we will limit ourselves to apply Vastu shastra inside apartments. Here are some tips which you can follow, no matter the size of your apartment.

I believe starting with these small changes will definitely have an effect on your financial health.

Professionals from India always maintain Vastu guidelines while signing up for projects, if you recommend it to them.

1. Trees at the heart of positivity

I would like to start with the entrance. It is the gateway through which Gods will enter with their warmth and blessings. According to the first few verses from the Shastra, an entrance with an abundance of light and Vastu plants is a sure-shot sign of great luck and prosperity. Most traditional homes from Tamil Nadu meticulously follow this rule. 

2. The North East Corner and Water

When the Northeast corner is empty, the freely flowing energy needs to mingle with the positive energy of life. As I mentioned above, the presence of natural life breeds positivity. Therefore, adorning the northeast corner with an aquarium will increase the chances of good luck manifold. However, make sure that the drainage system of the aquarium is fully functional so that aeration is properly maintained.  

3. The North East free from all obstructions

The second tip is about keeping certain portions of the home clutter-free. In the field of Vastu Shastra, vibes matter a lot! In fact, it is the primary reason behind keeping the northeast corner of your room free from cramming with too much stuff. Also, you should check whether there are tall buildings and trees that might obstruct the flow of positive energy, and by extension, wealth in your home. 

4. Purple, Prettiness, and Positivity

If you are a lover of bold colors, perhaps prosperity is already knocking on your door. But purple is believed to be most associated with wealth and good luck. Painting any of the walls of your home with this color will not only improve the financial wealth but also add a touch of elegance to the room. If you do not prefer such bold colors, you can also keep plants that grow purple foliage. Even soft cushions, pillows, or any specific piece of furniture of this color will work!

5. A Home Without a Speck of Dust

The oldest proverbs have stemmed from ancient wisdom only. According to the ideals of Vastu Shastra, the cleanest doors and windows invite the most highly charged packets of energy. Spider webs, cocoon shells, insect nests are very common in and around the corners of doors and windows. This works most efficiently for bedrooms. Always look out for pigeon’s nests in the ventilators of your bedrooms as that is definitely a piece of bad omen!  

6. Having a birdbath at home

While most kind-hearted people do this already, Vastu Shastra places feeding birds a highly auspicious act and it goes a long way in determining the financial flow of your home. Making a birdbath and feeding space is easy. It becomes all the more pleasurable if you have a garden at your place. Alternatively, a hanging bird feeder on your window will also charm your place with all the positivity! 

7. Arranging the clocks

Did you know that clocks have a deep-psyche effect on us, often without our notice? Vastu Shastra quotes the importance of clocks in our homes and how wealth depends on the correctness of the time they show. Slow or faulty watches pose risk to your regular financial patterns and always try to position the clocks in the northeast direction. A combination of fully functioning updated clocks in the northeast direction is a mighty chance of inviting good luck.     

8. Doubling your money!

Yes, this is all that this piece is about. But Vastu Shastra also believes in the goodness behind observing the reflection of your money every day. Most of the Indian households still have the traditional cash locker even if it’s significantly smaller in size now. The idea is to place a mirror in the wall opposite the cupboard so that whenever you open the locker, the money inside gets reflected.

9. Feng Shui All The Way

While Vastu Shastra is an elaborate branch of architecture, Feng Shui is another philosophy dealing with similar branches of homebuilding. Simpling owning a wall hanging of The Laughing Buddha will eliminate bouts of negative energy from your home and replace it with positive vibes. 

Finally, the best homes are those where there’s a mix and match of every other philosophy. Check out these design ideas based on the principles of Feng Shui and get inspired! May good luck visit you sooner than you think…  

Tell us all about your inspiration in the comments. Which of the tips impressed you the most? We await your comments.

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