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A swing these days, is an essential part of home decor. It is the best place to unwind and can be located in the house or outside in your garden. The soothing rocking motion exudes calmness and warmth. Team it with soft music and your favorite romantic novel to experience ultimate peace and luxury. Your garden swing gives you an opportunity to converse with the nature in its own special way. Imagine a cozy sleep in your hammock on a beautiful sun kissed afternoon or enjoying a beautiful downpour in your partner’s company with sizzling hot coffee by your side. To make you experience these beautiful moments, we bring you some of the eclectic swings designed by skilled designers.

Garden swings

This wooden wonder is a perfect garden swing. This eclectic wooden design swing covered in the beautiful shadow of green graceful trees is a perfect Kodak moment. The light wooden shade of the swing is in deep contrast with the green grass, which makes it the hero of the garden. This swing will provide pure relaxation to your body and mind.

Rustic style

Teak Garden Furniture Mango Crafts Garden Swings & play sets
Mango Crafts

Teak Garden Furniture

Mango Crafts

This strong and sturdy swing gives you the impression of an age-old tree swing. With minimalistic designs and cuts, this swing stands on simple logs of teak wood. It has a strong base and can withstand heavy loads. This rustic and uncivilized look of the swing goes perfectly well with the house garden furniture. It can also be a part of the living room or lobby of households with wooden interiors.

For more minimalist interior designs for your home, projects by designer Preetham Interior Designer can be viewed. 

Boxed swings

These boxed swings are perfect for big gardens. It has a seating capacity for 3-4 people, which means it can almost accommodate the whole family. The biggest advantage of this swing is that it can be decorated as per interest. Together with a ceiling cover on the top, some free flowing curtains on the sides and a beautiful set of bright cushions, your swing will look like a match made in heaven.

Indoor swings

This suspended cocoon shaped swing is an ultimate hero of this list. It can be hung in any corner of the room according to your desire. It requires minimum space and will blend in easily with the room decor. You can add additional warmth to this swing with the use of a soft rug and cozy pillows.

Traditional style

This swing has always been a part of most of the households. This is the place where memories were made. Remember your mom singing lullabies to you on those sleepless nights or the time when you heard endless stories from your grandparents. With a simplistic approach and not-so-modern design, this swing still holds a very special place in our hearts.

Perfect patio material

This eclectic design is in the form of a king’s chair. This soft and comfortable chair-swing will surely be an effective stress buster after a busy day at work. This portable swing can be easily taken from one place to another in no time. It snugs in perfectly in one corner of the room and does not require any additional space. This swing will instantly brighten up your room and is the most ideal for your patio area.

Tree turner

There can’t be a childhood without a swing. This particular swing makes you relive your childhood in a slightly more refined manner. Hung by the tree and surrounded by soothing chirping of the birds, this tree takes you far away from this materialistic world. It gives you an opportunity to relive all those beautiful memories of childhood in the lap of nature.

Twin swings

A perfect place for couples who are very much in love with each other. This swing provides you extreme ease and warmth with the cushioned seats and extendable leg rest feature. You can lounge in the company of your loved one while having your own personal space. With a light pendulum motion and a covered roof, you can have the best time of your life.

Modern hammock

This swing is a modern take on the traditional Hammock. It does not require trees for harnessing instead has a strong wooden base for holding the whole thing together. It is extremely portable and can be adjusted according to the owner’s needs. It surely has a high appeal to it and will be an object of instant attraction.  These were the trendy and luxurious swing designs popular all around the world. Relax your body and freshen up your mind by making them a part of your home decor.

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