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The bedroom is arguably the most important room of a home. It is intimate, private, and reflective of the personalities of its inhabitants. Looking to create a bedroom that is unique, eye catching, and full of life? Go for a funky bedroom design. Incorporate bright colours, intricate floor design, and other touches to transform a bedroom. For a bedroom that speaks volumes for design and personality, take a look at these funky bedroom ideas.

Focal art

A dramatic piece of art is a great way to create funky bedroom design. This piece of art does just that. The very large piece is used behind the bed and serves as a sort of headboard for the bed. The art is modern, industrial, and very funky in itself. The majority of the art uses black and white, and then there are parts of bold colours of yellow, blue and magenta. Traveling all the way up to the ceiling, this art even makes the room look bigger. The rest of the room is dressed in white and neutral colours as not to take away from the painting. The end result is an in your face piece of art work that brings so much character and funky style into this bedroom.

Mosaic floor

This eye catching floor totally makes this bedroom an eclectic, funky paradise. Mosiaic tiles are used to decorate the floor, which is very different from standard wood floors or even carpet. The tiles use a plethora of colours including blue, purple, red, green and more. Each tile has a different pattern such as floral, geometric shapes, and sharp lines. Although there are many colours and designs, the floor does not seem too busy. Instead it looks like a piece of art you can walk on. The designer chose to be neutral with the furnishings of the room which is a perfect way to keep this room an artful, funky space.

Sheen wall

Don't be afraid to use wallpaper, there are so many fun directions to go using wallpaper design. This wallpaper creates a both funky and elegant setting for this bedroom. The wallpaper has a leaf design, giving it a tropical feel. The colour used is silver and it has a great sheen to it. This adds the elegant factor to it, silver is certainly regal. The wallpaper is eye catching and certainly looks like a wall of art. The rest of the bedroom plays with the wallpaper instead of trying to compete with it. A neutral bed and bedding sets it off and creates the perfect elegant and funky bedroom design. 

Turquoise box

This bedroom uses colour in an interesting way to create a funky look. The bold turquoise colour is used in the walls, floor and ceiling of a small area of the bedroom, which makes it look like a box. The bed is placed in this box like area and looks like it is framed. The rest of the bedroom uses neutral colours, but also incorporates texture. The floor is a white washed wood that looks light and airy. The wall too has a small texture to it, while the ceiling is a standard, smooth white. All these materials work together to better frame the bed area and really make the box stand out.

Bold red

Red is such a bold, fun colour, it can be a great staple in creating a funky bedroom design. This bedroom has a feature wall that uses a deep, rich shade of red. Behind the bed there are red flourescent lights, bringing in a sense of modernity to the space. One area of a wall uses red brick to bring in texture. This brings in an industrial feel. The rest of the wall is a solid white. Finally the bedding finishes off the bold, modern look with its crispy white sheets and peek of red. The bold use of colour in this room makes it ultra funky.

Cave man

Be super funky with bedroom design and create a bedroom that looks like a cave. Nothing common about this! The walls of this bedroom are made from old stone, giving it a very vintage look that is reminiscent of a cave or a room in an ancient castle. Carved into the wall behind the bed is a small shelf  in a curved frame. No headboard is needed with this interesting wall design. Also, there are two blue, also antique looking, pieces of wood that cross and hang above the bed. The low lighting used creates more of the ancient castle feeling. This funky bedroom look will impress all guests with its originality.

Ultra modern

Looking for something ultra chic, modern and out of this world? Look no further. This modern design is something out of a movie. The bedroom uses cool colours of greys, whites and reds to keep a cool look. The ceiling has a circular design on it, and from that there are florescent lights that illuminate the space. The bed is propped against amwall that has a suede accent. From this wall area comes the most interesting part of the bedroom. An extension of the wall design continues to the adjoining wall, creating a large loop that ends with a bedside table. This piece looks like art, yet it is also functional. The round mirror, with its fluorescent lighting, finishes off this ultra sleek and modern funky look.

Colour and pattern

The beautiful colours and patterns of this bedroom work together to create a gorgeous funky bedroom. The wallpaper is eye catching and unique. It uses bold colours of burnt red, turquoise and blues to integrate pattern into the space. The rest of the room picks up on these colours. The bedding has a similar burnt red cover, and multiple throw pillows are used to integrate the other colours. The side tables stand out with their bright turqouise colour and unique shape, and the lamps continue this look. Finally a dark chandelier above the bed ties it all in, creating a very colorful and nicely patterned funky and eclectic bedroom.

Purple haven

Using a bold colour throughout the bedroom is a great way to create a funky look. Purple is used here in many ways to bring in style and personality to the space. The walls are a light lilac colour, a perfect shade that keeps the room light and open. The bed is is funky and unusual itself, as there are fluorescent lights that illuminate from the bottom of it, making the bed look like its floating in space. This also definetly makes the room look ultra chic and modern. Finally the rug adds more design. The white rug with deep purple swirls as a pattern brings in more bold colour and finishes off the funky design.

Lincoln log

Create a truly unique and funky bedroom that is reminiscent of the old childhood game, Lincoln logs, by literally creating a room made of logs. This bedroom feels rustic  cosy, and is definetly unique and funky. The walls are created with logs in a very cabin like fashion. The sloped ceiling balances out the look by using the same tone of wood but not implementing the log look. The lights above the bed are also funky, bringing in modern design to the space. Because the logs are so unusual, not much art work or other items are needed to create a funky look. Instead, the rest of the room is neutral and flows well with this Lincoln log look.

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