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A big part of our day is spent in an office; the environment people work in can have a great impact on their performance. Sometimes a few elements are brought in to change the atmosphere of a room and other times only one key piece is needed. Ideally, an office that is well lit as much as it is nicely designed, can do a world of difference to the people in it. An enjoyable office will facilitate and encourage the workflow and make the working hours seem effortless.

Rich colored desk

The rich color and bold motif give a lot of personality to this office. Its presence, together with the matching colored wall ornament, makes the whole room burst with energy and effervescence. With this color scheme, there is also a tribute to nature since it was designed with stones and semi-precious stones. This is the perfect office for brainstorming and exchanging ideas. 

Office comfort

This office space gives off an established and productive kind of atmosphere. Everything in this room has been carefully selected to help accommodate an appropriate comfort. The lighting choice is perfectly balanced, it is not too bright, which would blind not just ones eyes, but also affect anyone's concentration; on the other hand It's not too low either, as no work can be done in the dark.

Bright office space

In this spacious office created by Designed Thoughts, a lot of effort has been put in to emphasize the light flow. The center point of this room is where the orange tinted light fixtures and the lengthy wooden table are. It is at the center of this office that the light of the room converges, hence the positioning of the table in that area. Even the support beams have been integrated into the table to present an inviting and bright office space. Here, there can be no doubt how natural light and creative ideas flow through the room.

Floating desk

Several materials have been used to make this extravagant office, such as glass and layered stone. There is an aerial effect present in this room with the overhead lighting and desk that both seem to be floating. Since the office space is of a smaller size, the glass and floating desk give the impression of having more room. Instead of choosing a white wall as a separator, a stone wall was implemented which adds earthy tones and structure to this room.

An office with a view

The idea behind this office is one of clever originality. The designer has used the color opposition of blue and orange to its greatest advantage. When stepping into this office, the view overhead is of a turquoise sky punctured by a few clouds which are the ceiling lights. It is a vast and open office with a touch of vivid colors that captures the imagination.

Work at play

This room offers every element that a productive office should contain: a large table with adequate lighting and comfortable seating. There is a minimalist approach to this room, where a few accents play an important part in this office's layout such as the metal lamps that compliment the allure of the room. That is an office made for astute minds to come together.

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