A Colourful Modern Home full of Stylish Delights

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김병만 한글주택 , 한글주택(주) 한글주택(주) Modern houses
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Taking a walk through the Gangnam Segok-dong district of Seoul made us realize how well planned and well designed most of its structures are. This well developed urban area has a thriving centre with plenty of tourist attractions, night life and lots more. So we invite you here today, to take you into a beautiful home set in a leafy lane with lots of tranquillity, even as it lies conveniently close to the city and its exciting quarters. The residence enjoys open and spacious interiors, warm touches of wood, and unique and trendy design elements. So let us take a tour of the Kim Byung-man Hangul House, designed by Hangul House Inc, a group of architects in Gangnam Segok-dong.

A Futuristic Look for the Façade

The façade has a futuristic design that regales with a different look from every corner or angle. The various shapes and enclosures are outlined with bright colours that seem to be borrowed from the urban landscape that surrounds this home, and the quiet but pretty neighbourhood that it stands in. The verdant hills in the backdrop as well as the lush green lawns add to the delightful scheme of things in this design. Glass and white walls give it a wholesome and luxurious appeal.

Open Living in the Main Hall

The main hall is a vast open space that marks the urban lifestyle of the home owners. Looking at the neat and clean lines of the space, one can be sure about the fact that the people living within also must prefer to live life in an uncluttered way. The massive glass windows let you soak in the stunning beauty of the outdoors. Sunlight infiltrates this space all throughout the day, and fills it with cheer and positivity.

Sleek Textures in the Kitchen

While the kitchen mainly uses the white hues present in the rest of the house, it also ensures that it imbibes a sense of unique design with the help of myriad textures for its various areas. A glossy bank of cabinets in wooden finish sits next to the large sliding glass doors, while matte finish cabinets in white house the refrigerator on one side and other essentials on top. A gleaming washing machine sits in the midst of the well planned countertop that is replete with smart organisational hacks for easy living. Modern, minimalistic chairs and a dining table on the right gives you the luxury of enjoying yummy meals, as you look outside at the beautiful greenery.

The Trendy Staircase

The staircase of this home deserves a special mention. This well lit space is an open one that stands in between two clearly demarcated areas of the main hall. The simple planks play the role of steps, while the wall on the left depicts embossed characters in Korean. This whimsical space also has a touch of sophistication which makes it an attractive and eye catching spot as you walk up and down.

A Simple but Stylish Bedroom

The bedroom is a simple affair with a wonderful statement of minimal yet robust colours. The low bed is set on a polished hardwood floor, as large glass windows stand on one side to allow a refreshing view of the outdoors as it lulls you into peaceful slumber. The graphic print cushion along with the white, brown and plum patterned bedspread makes the room come alive passionately.

A Golden Bathroom

Sink into luxury with this golden bathroom that can thank the clever lighting for bringing out the distinct hues of the stone tiled wall. Fixtures in pristine white and a tasteful window make it all the more alluring. Don’t miss the delicate floral arrangement that infuses the space with the beauty of nature effortlessly.

This stylish home has unique design elements and décor pieces, which help in creating a casual vibe that sits well with its luxurious leanings. For more inspiration, take another home tour - An Exotic Bangalore Dream Apartment That Has It All!

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