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The addition of a feature wall to any room in your home is a tried and tested way to give even the blandest of rooms personality and character. A lot of rooms are very square and lack a focal point, which is when a feature wall can be introduced. Thinking about which wall you would like to draw attention to: in the bedroom this is likely to be the wall behind the head of the bed, in the living room, an alcove or chimney breast. If the room has no distinguishing features, it is best to choose the wall you naturally face. For the living room, this is likely to be the wall behind the tv. In order for feature walls to really stand out, it is common to decorate the remaining walls in neutral tones and colours. If neutral is not your thing, try sticking to one colour, maybe a light pastel, for example. Remember, these are guidelines only, and you can add your own flair to your feature wall to make it look however you like. Today we would like to showcase for you some of the best feature walls on the homify platform, from feature walls in the living room to feature walls in the bedroom for kids and adults alike. These walls certainly make these rooms pop!

Spidey senses

Kids Room by Neeras homify Nursery/kid's room

Kids Room by Neeras


The bedroom, and in particular a child's bedroom, is a great place for a feature wall. This great kids bedroom concept features an ode to Spiderman, the world's greatest comic book hero! Allowing kids to decorate their room is the perfect way to encourage creativity, give them ownership of their room and let them know they have contributed to the decoration process. Feature walls are often easy and inexpensive to change, allowing them to be switched up as children grow and develop.

Wall texture

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4D Space Designers

The other main room where feature walls are common is the lounge. The room-length wall shown here in this image would most likely be dull and unassuming without the addition of the huge wall hanging immediately drawing attention to this side of the room. The massive feature is a flat sculpture, adding a 3 dimensional element to the room. By hanging the 3D feature adjacent to the large windows, the texture of the sculpture becomes more evident as shadows are cast from the abundance of natural light the windows attract.

Endless variety

Wallpaper is a material commonly used for feature walls, as it is all too easy to mimic any texture or material. Modern wallpaper can include any pattern or print imaginable; the only limit is the creativity of the home owner. Materials such as timber, brickwork, concrete or steel can not easily be used as a real feature wall, so the introduction of wallpaper realistically imitate these to great effect. Here we see a traditional wallpaper print beautifully highlighting the wall behind the bed. The best part about modern wallpaper is it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install and remove, unlike wallpaper of previous years.

Lucid dreams

A feature wall could not be more prominent than this 60s-inspired, psychedelic wall from Mumbai firm Home Makers Interior Designers and Decorators. The acid wash of the rainbow colour scheme completely stands out from the stark white of the furnishings of the living room. The geometric lines formed by the cupboards, stairs and beams of the roof help draw even more attention to the lazy wash of the paintwork on the feature wall.

A certain warmth

Timber is such an inviting material, owning a special warmth only held by organic materials. The cosy colour scheme of this bedroom makes us want to just dive right into this bed! Remember, your bedroom should be styled in a way conducive to relaxation and sleep, and we can't think of a better way than the addition of a timber feature wall, ensuring this room feels homey with a subtle hint of nature.

Memory wall

No feature wall could be more personal than one covered in family photos, a constant reminder of great memories shared with loved ones. There is an indescribable magic held by black and white photography, somehow blurring the line between reality and fantasy and adding to the power photography has to make the memories held in photos feel more joyous and beautiful. A great conversation starter, this feature wall showcasing photos from travels is sure to get the mind racing, dreaming of the next adventure.

How do you like to decorate your walls, feature wall or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!

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