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The effects of good music on the human psyche

ziba farshad ziba farshad
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Why we are interested in a particular song is probably a strong emotional connection that we have left with its lyrics. غروب پاییزه جمشید نجفی

Our interest in a song and choosing that song as our favorite piece and song that we are willing to listen to over and over again can The content of that song and the emotional relationship and memory that we had and have with it.

Although many people change their favorite song with the release of new pieces in the market, it has been proven that songs that have been on our favorite list for a long time necessarily evoke memories in our minds or their lyrics are directly related to events. رضا بهرام دیوانهThe feeling of our lives.

Listening to the song will change our heart rate according to the music we listen to. Music can regulate your heart rate, blood pressure and even your breathing.تا تو میای میای پیشم من از زمین کنده میشم

A study of 24 volunteers found that people who played an instrument for a while or even listened to music continuously were significantly more able to distinguish different sounds, even when watching a movie in a language,نمه نمه نشستی با عشوه تو قلبم

than normal people. They have others. Unexpected results of this study showed that different sounds cause changes in the cardiovascular system and brainstem of these people and also control some involuntary behaviors such as breathing and heart rate.

The effects of soft music on reducing stress act like a massage session and improve the health of the body.دانلود آهنگ دختر یکی یدونه چراغ خونه عزیز دردونه

Listening to the song you enjoy lowers the level of the hormone cortisol in the body and thus reduces the level of stress in your body. This is important because stress is known to cause 60% of all illnesses and diseases. So we recommend that you turn on the radio during the day,فرزاد فرخ عاشقم باش

sing along with it, or even tap your foot on the floor to keep it healthy and relaxed during the day.

It can also be pointed out that listening to happy or sad music can greatly affect how you look around you and the type of attitude and perception you have of your environment. masoud jalilian zakhme eshgh

When we say a piece of music is happy or sad, just because Music does not make us feel special. Instead, our brains react differently to happy and sad music. Our brain is constantly comparing information received through the sense of sight with the realities we expect from the world around us based on knowledge and experience. Ultimately,اهنگ تو صورتت قشنگه ولی دلت باهام میجنگه

the end result of our minds is what we receive from the real world. Therefore, happy songs that raise your spirits and feelings of happiness will clearly have a direct impact on your perception of the world around you.

Today we need to listen to music in order to give ourselves some rest and calm our minds or otherwise to nourish our souls.آهنگ امشب دوباره بارون غم میباره

By listening and concentrating on the music notes, you can relax and get rid of negative thoughts and bad energies around you.

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