A Grand Home with Magical Exteriors For A Large family!

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If you like villa style homes built with a touch of grandeur, you would love this tour of a majestic home that is located in Krakow and designed by Architeckt Lemanski, that brings together the best elements of modern architecture and blends it with luxury and comfort. The house built on a small hillock gives a panoramic view of the area and has been integrated with its surroundings to make it appear as a part of the landscape. The grand layout and structure  make the home look luxurious and opulent while the warm grey stone paved driveway make visitors eager to explore this dramatically opulent house. 

Driveway to grandeur

The eye-catching entrance of this charming house is both welcoming and attractive with a grand facade and manicured lawns. Constructed in modern style the home has vast grounds bordered by large trees and its wide lawns are bare except for an artistic fountain and a shimmering swimming pool. To protect the vegetation and retain it's natural beauty the pool and fountain along with shrubs surrounding the house are bordered by limestone, while the driveway is bordered by colorful shrubs with hidden lights within them.

Surreal Living Room

Decorated in white and brown to blend modern design with traditional warmth the living room has just two large sofas a simple glass table at the center laid out on a earthy woolen rug.  The semi- circular shape of the sofas provides softness to balance the formal living room designed for business discussions. French windows take up an entire wall of the spacious room allowing natural light to stream across the area till late evening making the room appear spacious and attractive.

Family dining area

The dining area has been designed keeping in mind a large and close knit family with warm brown wood which is separated from the airy spacious kitchen by a deep wooden wall. To give a unique flair to the separator between the kitchen and dining area it has a rectangular gap in the center which is designed like a store counter with glass shelves at the bottom.

Cozy sun room

Built to enjoy warm weather in summer and lovely greenery outside without worrying about unexpected rain or snow, this attractively designed sun room is a place for family relaxation. Designed like a glass house the entire structure is made of transparent sheets laid out on strong oak beams and it opens out into the rear kitchen garden to entertain guests when the weather is good.

Serene Pool

The vast shimmering blue pool surrounded by trees looks inviting during all the seasons with the reflection of the bright blue sky. Though it is part of the garden and has a limestone paved deck all around, it is close enough to the main house to venture out for a midnight swim during summer.

Late night chat under the stars

We end our tour with a late evening picture of the rear veranda of the majestic house that is partly covered with a slanting roof and lit by bright lights on low hanging sun shades placed above the sit-out. The area is smartly decorated with large potted plants on the edge of the stairs to lend colour and fragrance during the day.

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