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A Dream Family Home with Lots of Style!

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As one of the largest cities in Poland, Bialystok enraptured and embraced us even as we stood amazed by its vibrant landscape full of gleaming architectural gems that speak of high design values. Such is the charm of this place that we now invite you to take a ride with us as we travel to a quiet neighbourhood where we have found a spacious and airy home with plenty of stylish appeal. Designed by Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl, a group of sought after architects in this country, we were blown away by the simple yet elegant and casual style of Jaspis 6 – Dom Otwartych Marzen. Surrounded by lively greenery, the abode makes ample use of breathable space, soft neutral hues, warmth of wood, and expresses its love for modish minimalism and nature’s bounty. Come and take a look to see why we are so enamoured!

Brazenly Modern, Beautifully Country: The Eclectic Façade

The eclectic theme encompasses the house from the word go with a façade that is modern, charming and “oh so country” in its appeal. The breathtaking grey ground storey flaunts slim lines in white that matches the white walls that wrap the upper storey. Meanwhile, solid grey shingles sit on slanted roof tops with eaves jutting out for a charming rustic appeal. Rich tones of wood and transparent glass enter the scheme of things to create a well balanced and stunning look.

Stepping into the Plush Living Room

The plush living room is bereft of concrete walls on one side, which comes like a breath of fresh air thanks to the glass doors sitting in slim wooden frames. While solid hardwood marks the floor, the rest of the design scheme has been pegged at a neutral yet uplifting hue of white which makes everything look bright. Pillars that have stone tiles riding almost all the way to the top, a beige wall that holds the entertainment centre, and modern abstract patterns on a grey rug – these are a few of our favourite things! The pristine white sectional and the ottoman add to the lavishness of the area.

Charming Design Elements

Here's a look at the living space from a different angle. You will note various elements from this vantage point, which create an artistic and very designer look on the whole. While the far end has a glass door that leads you into the back yard, a quaint fireplace lurks in the corner and aids in displaying novel artefacts too. A grey and beige wall plays host to the entertainment centre as a sensuously curvy standalone lamp lends pizzazz. Shimmery white drapes line the door leading to the backyard, and enhance the airy charm of the room. Indoor plants from behind the couch lend a dose of natural beauty.

Stepping up the Style Quotient in the Dining Room

The dining room is replete with white, beige and cream hues as it sits in its designated spot behind the casual design of the living room. This space too has an air of openness and ample cheer, thanks to the rounded edges of the dining chairs and the play of white tiles against dark wood, that greet you as you wander into this zone. You also get to admire the loveliness of fresh outdoor greens while enjoying a hearty meal with your family.

The Simple but Stylish Kitchen

The kitchen has an uber stylish look with an open feel. The colours used here are predominantly from the family of white even as strips of wood and grey make a comeback and remind you of the fashionable façade. The gleaming backsplash and the shining chrome and white appliances give this space a look that speaks of great design ideas! White delicate blinds offer some shade from the brilliant sunshine as it floods in through the huge windows here. There is ample space for moving about and more than one individual can easily implement their cooking tasks in this kitchen conveniently.

The Neat Back Yard

The back yard is a neat and aesthetically enticing space that can be reached from several corners of the home. The greenery here is always visible to the people inside, thanks to the vistas of transparent glass windows that line the home. The backyard also features a simple yet luxurious deck overlooking a soothing pool, which can also be viewed from the generously sized balcony on the top storey.

This home imbibes the European countryside magic in its modern design and makes for a contemporary luxurious look inside, thanks to the use of minimalism and an airy layout. Here is another home tour you can enjoy, and gather more inspiration - A Compact Apartment Exploding With Style!

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