7 amazing ways to expand a small Indian kitchen

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Shrinking spaces and a small kitchen is a reality in most urban Indian homes that we can't get away from. But you can work around it to get more out of your kitchen. So stop running away from reality, and if you have a tiny kitchen which you want to 'expand' and get more out of, use these 7 ideas and change your home and life!

Use corners for sinks or stoves

One way to get more out of your small kitchen, is to make use of the corners by placing the sink or stove there, like in this kitchen designed by INOVA INFRA. This way you will get more counter top space along the walls, and it will be easier to place the cabinets above or below it.

Open kitchen

If you want to 'expand' your kitchen in terms of space, then the simplest thing to do is to knock down a wall and turn your kitchen into an open kitchen. A kitchen like the one here can flow into your living and dining area, and will thus look much bigger. To enhance the open airy feel opt for white cabinets and bright coloured tiles like the one's in this kitchen here.

One wall kitchen

Another simple way to make your kitchen look less cramped, is to opt for a one wall kitchen. This essentially means all the cabinets, shelves and the counter top, sink, stove etc are all accommodated into a single wall, like in this kitchen here designed by CREAZIONE INTERIORS from Kolkata. You can fit appliances like a fridge or microwave on the other wall, or leave it empty and enjoy more walking space.

Modular cabinets

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Drawing Hands Studio

Cooking Space Revamped

Drawing Hands Studio

Expanding the actual size of the kitchen by knocking down a wall may not be possible for all. But if you want to get more out of kitchen, you can certainly do somethings about it. Adding more cabinets on all walls is one one them. Instead of a single row of cabinets, go for double rows of modular cabinets above and below the counter tops, and enjoy more space and storage options. To prevent the cabinets from looking overpowering, opt for them in light colours like white, cream or pastels.

Display cabinets

If you have no proper dining area, or if your dining area is too full of cutlery and you need more space to display cutlery, then adding a cabinet with glass doors and shelves above a counter top in the kitchen is the perfect solution. You will get a place to store and display your fancy cutlery, and your kitchen will look much better too!

Turn a divider into a breakfast table

If you have a small kitchen with divider that divides part of the kitchen, then turn this space into a tiny breakfast table by adding a couple of chairs on the outer side. This way the divider can be used as both a counter top and a breakfast table. Those who have no dining area, can use this space for having their lunch and dinner too. You can fix glass shelves in the divider and display cutlery here too!

Foldable / Retractable table

If your kitchen is very tiny, but you want a breakfast or dining table there, you can add a foldable or retractable table in it. Open it up and pull out a few foldable chairs during meal times, and fold it back when not in use to enjoy more free space in your small kitchen. A foldable or retractable table is easy on the pocket, as well as saves space. If you want to make your kitchen a more convenient place, here are 6 tips.

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