6 Most modern and extreme beds you have ever seen!

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A good bed guarantees a good night's sleep. But comfort is not the only thing that people are looking for from their beds these days. People want their beds to make a style statement, perhaps even hint at their unusual personality. For those of you who don't want to fit in, and are looking for something quirky, here are 7 most modern and extreme bed ideas!

The C shaped bed

Interiors at Rajhans Maxima apartments,Surat, Hundreddesigns Hundreddesigns BedroomBeds & headboards

Interiors at Rajhans Maxima apartments,Surat


This statement bed designed like a swishing C extending from the ceiling to floor, is as quirky as it gets. The twirling bookshelf on the wall compliments the curved design of this bed designed by HUNDRED DESIGNS is sure to grab attention in any room. Here's another C shaped bed, for those who want a more monochromatic option.

The S shaped bed

Talking of curves, if a C shaped bed is too extreme for you, try this gentle wave like S shaped bed. A white S shaped bed fitted with lights on the headboard, will make quite an impact. But if you want the bed to match the existing decor of your room, you can opt for it in neutral colours like—beige, brown or black too.

Boat like bed

mom's bedroom homify BedroomBeds & headboards Wood

mom's bedroom


If you are looking for funky bed, but want it to not take up too much space, then instead of a curved or circular beds, opt for a boat shaped bed like the one in this room. This simple bed has been given an interesting twist by its raised boat like design, while its white colour helps it to blend in with the rest of the decor. Wood would be the best material for such a bed.

Hanging bed

In the list of quirky beds, one must include the hanging bed. A hanging bed, can be like the fashionable one here, with a wooden base and strong ropes attached to metal knobs on the ceiling. But if you are looking for something more sturdy, you can opt for a bed made entirely or wood or metal that is fixed to the ceiling.

Car bed

If adults can have cool beds, why should the kids be left behind? A quirky car shaped bed like the one here designed by SINGLE PENCIL ARCHITECTS & INTERIOR DESIGNERS from Bangalore, will surely make your kid happy, and help him stand out amidst his friends. Nightstands with wheels, and wheels and lines on the walls and ceiling give this room a further futuristic edge.

Dreamy cloud bed

Mr.Rajesh Residence, MAPLE TREE MAPLE TREE BedroomBeds & headboards

Mr.Rajesh Residence


If you are looking for a bed that will make your daughters room special, then this dreamy cloud shaped bed designed by MAPLE TREE is the perfect pick. Be it a bunk bed like the one here, or a single bed for an only child, a cloud shaped bed and decor on the walls, will certainly lend your little girls room a magical touch. If you are looking for more ideas to make your little girl's room like one from a fairy tale, here are 6 ideas.

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