A Small Dream Home For The Modern Family!

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Join us on a tour today to explore a modern family home in country style designed by Biuro Projektowe, architects based in Bialystok, Poland. The cosy home is a perfect example of how a small, modern family home can adopt a laid-back country style. It is located on a rather large piece of land, and is considered small in comparison. Overall, it is quite obvious that the design of the house takes its inspiration from modern architecture and country style interior design. The result is a trendy, contemporary looking home which has the nostalgic charm of a country style home. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Let's have a look around this beautiful home shall we? 

An elevated patio

An elevated patio makes the outdoor area more dynamic and visually interesting. The slight leverage also provides an exclusive platform for the patio, dividing the grassy lawn from the lounge area. The spacious patio can even accommodate a dining table and chairs, making outdoor meals in the garden comfortable. 

Neat and tidy exterior

The neat and tidy exterior dons a bright white facade, while the window frames, doors, and garage employ a wooden basis to provide natural contrast, texture, and depth to the structure. A small house on a large piece of land gives this home a country style feel from the first glance, although the facade isn't typically country style. 

Curved angles and soft edges

Curved angles and soft edges give this home an organic, natural feel which is quite a contrast to the rigid straight lines that dominates the architecture of this house. The extra long sofa set does well to follow suit with the curved angles and enhances the soft touch. One side of the wall exhibits a unique clock piece that sticks to the wall instead of being hung on it, while the other side of the wall is adorned with colourful illustrations well-defined with black frames. 

A country style touch with a modern twist

A country style touch with a modern twist is added to the living room with its stack of firewood in the corner and a contemporary looking fireplace next to it. The wooden parquet floors and the abundance of natural light flooding in through the glass doors and windows also enhance the country style look. 

Open plan living design

The open plan living design of the interiors is ideal for this small home because all the social spaces of the home like the living room, dining room, and kitchen are interconnected by sharing the same area without any visible dividers. This design makes the social heart of the home feel more open and airy. Next, let's have a closer look at the dining area and kitchen. 

A casual dining area

The dining area consists of a long dining table with elegant upholstered chairs. A striped black and white tablecloth and a tiny potted plant dress up the dining area in a chic style which is casual and laid-back. Sheer white curtains allow natural light to delicately illuminate the dining area with plenty of natural light. In the distance, you can see the kitchen. We will have a closer look at the kitchen later. 

A bedroom in blue

A bedroom in blue creates a soothing and calming atmosphere perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. An accent wall in bold blue is complimented by blue linen and curtains, creating a common theme in the room. The striking white initials on the blue accent wall personalize the bedroom and make it more unique. 

A playful children's room

A playful children's room in turquoise adds fun and cheer to this beautiful family home. The colourful shelves, decorated walls, teepee, and toys makes this space a little paradise for children to play, explore, learn, and rest in a safe, comfortable environment. A large glass door also helps to keep this room bright and cheerful. 

Rustic hallway

A rustic hallway with a plainly plastered brick wall and wooden parquet flooring adds texture and ambiance to the country style home. The rustic walls are decorated with realistic paintings and portraits of people and life, giving the space a raw charm that is down-to-earth and humble, yet elegantly beautiful. 

A kitchen with a view

Thankfully, the kitchen isn't neglected when it comes to having a view. In fact, the kitchen has one of the best views of the open field outside, making it feel more and more like a country kitchen. The wooden kitchen countertops and wooden window frames help too. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at six essential components of modern Indian interior design

What do you like most about the tour of this modern family home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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