Unexpected guests? Make your bedroom stunning in 6 minutes

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You get a phone call or a text that a friend or family relative is visiting in next 5-10 minutes. What do you do? If you have a huge house with several rooms, it is easy to make the rooms look presentable by clearing stuff and locking them up in another spare room. But if you are in an apartment, chances are you will need to tidy up most of it. And when the guests have plans to stay over, cleaning up the bedroom is unavoidable. Here is a checklist of making the bedroom decent in 6 minutes flat. From basic cleaning up to adding touches that make the bedroom look prettier and special; follow these for a quick bedroom makeover.

Minute 1: Make the bed

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mom's bedroom


A well-made bed can make a world of difference to a bedroom’s ambiance. So spend a minute in quickly tidying it up. Put on fresh sheets if needed. Tuck in the corners, remove any wrinkles, put on the blankets and a bed cover on top to finish it off. Throw in some colorful runner and bright pillows to perk up the look.

Minute 2: Smells and air

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You may not realise but every house has a peculiar smell and while you won’t ever realize it for your own home, an outsider will catch a whiff immediately. Irrespective of whether the smell is pleasant or not, air up the room. Open the windows, allow cross ventilation for a good few minutes and let the sun in too if its day time. It will help neutralize and odors. Now make it better by adding a fragrance either through good old fresh flowers or scented spray or burning some light essence oil.

Minute 3: Get rid of clutter

Bed done, fresh air in; now clear any clutter from sight. Pick up those things lying around on the side table, window, under the bed even. Put them back where they belong. Arrange books if any on the shelf. Fold clothes back into the cupboard, papers in the drawer, laundry in a basket in the corner or in the bathroom and that coffee mug must go to the kitchen sink right away!

Minute 4: Personal items

Bedrooms are private spaces and it is natural to have personal items in there. Make sure you tuck intimate stuff safely out of sight of your arriving guests. Lingerie, feminine products, personal photos, any posters that might offend someone and any other similar stuff that may make other people uncomfortable; put them all in a basket or in cupboards or move them to another room if needed.

Minute 5: Floor

Two minutes to go and clean up the floor quickly to make the room look even better. Vacuum, sweep, mop; do what you need to so that there is no dirt, bits of paper, hair or any other grime on the floor. Even if the rest of the room is neat and tidy, unless the floor is spic and span, it won’t look clean. One cleaned, you could add a rug or two to enhance the look of the room.

Minute 6: Lighting

It’s the last minute so just double check that all lights are functioning and change any if needed. Add a lampshade or two if needed. Lighting can make such an impact on the décor of a room and when it comes to the bedroom, you can make it look cosier and inviting with subtle lighting. If its day time, and if the sun is not too harsh, let in natural light into the bedroom. If its evening, you could even use scented candles that will serve the purpose of light, aroma and a pretty accessory for the room.

Bed check, floor check, light check, smells check… .you are now ready to welcome your guests!

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