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7 Beautiful ways to organise a small apartment!

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
Mr Mulla Residence Modern nursery/kids room by Srujan Interiors & Architects Pvt Ltd Modern
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Imagine a tiny room with a bundle of clothes on the floor, a bunch of books gathering dust in a corner, shoes strewn under various furniture and no empty place on tables or chairs? Doesn't that sound like a nightmare? A tiny space can look worse if it's messy and unorganized. So if you want your compact home to look better, first and foremost clear up the mess! Get organized and save both time and space. If you are wondering how to do that, here are 7 tips that will definitely help you.

Add mirrors and shelves

A simple way to organize almost any room in a home, is to add more shelves on the walls. Be it a media or A bedroom like the one here designed by VERA RYBCHENKO, you can always add a couple of shelves on a wall above a cabinet or a mirror on the wall, and display books, flies, souvenirs, and toys neatly.

Wall hanging TV console

Another simple way to get organized, is to opt for a wall hanging TV console. Instead of placing the TV on the floor or a cabinet, opting for a wall hanging TV console like this one can clear up space on the floor. You can place the TV on the console or just attach it to the wall, and also use the cabinets and shelves of the console to store other things.

Cupboard with retractable shelves and drawers

Children's Bed Room Modern style bedroom by KREATIVE HOUSE Modern Plywood

Children's Bed Room


Cupboards with retractable drawers and shelves give one a lot of storage options in a limited amount of space. Thus, they are great for organizing a small space. Opt for a cupboard with retractable shelves and drawers in your bedroom and clear up space by stowing away not just clothes, but also shoes, bags, blankets and many other things.

Window cabinet

A space that is often left unused, is the space around a window. If you want to tidy up your kids messy room, instead of buying a bulky cabinet, build cabinets on the wall around a window ledge. This way you can store away your kids clothes, toys and other things neatly, and also turn the space above the lower cabinets into a fun bench.

Cabinets around a sink

Another space often left unused in Indian homes, is the space below and around a sink. Instead of opting for a simple stone counter, build cabinets around and below it and store away all your toiletries, towels and other bathroom products in drawers or shelves built into such a cabinet. You can even build your sink into a cabinet to make it look more stylish, like in this bathroom designed by NITIDO INTERIOR DESIGN.

Retractable drawers in the kitchen

While most people have cabinets with shelves in an Indian kitchen, very few have retractable drawers. But retractable drawers are a simple way to store much more into a tiny space. So stow away your cutlery, spices, condiments and much more in such drawers, and enjoy a lot more free space on your kitchen counter top.

Vertical garden

Lastly, if you have a balcony with a nice view where you want to place a couple of garden chairs, but don't have the space as plant pots are crowding its floor, go for a vertical garden. Clip your plant and flower pots to the railing like here, or simply place them on shelves on a wall, and enjoy a dirt free floor and more space in your compact balcony. If you are looking for ways to decorate your balcony, here are 6 simple DIY ideas.

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