12 amazing staircases that really STAND OUT!

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Staircases aren't just purely functional—they're an aesthetic style statement in their own right. Overlooking them is no longer an option, which is why architects and interior designers are drawing up bigger and grander stairwell ideas than ever before. 

Here are 12 of the most impressive modern staircases that homify home experts have to offer—each one containing an amazing concept. Which one would you wish to have in your home?

Indian inspired beauty

Lets start the list with a Big Bang—These stairs are perhaps more traditional than the ones you've ever seen, but no less stunning. The floating wood structure climbs effortlessly to the second floor, lined by a delicate glass blocks and wood bannister.

The style is a unique, Asian-influenced blend of rustic and modern. Patterned wallpaper lines the route to the top, and matching voids at alternating heights bring out a subtle uniqueness that is hard to beat. Really Indian in heart and soul. Don't you love it?

A small pebble garden

This luxurious staircase is so refined that it actually contains a miniature pebble garden! We love the inclusion of verdant Bonsai trees, and how the creamy pebbles match the heavy white structure of the steps.

Hidden storage

This idea is PURE GENIUS. When space in the home is limited, like in many Indian homes, why not take advantage of that under-used space beneath the stairs and turn it into a highly-functional storage system? This staircase wardrobe has room for everything—coats, dresses, shoes and handbags all have a designated space in these sliding racks.

An explosion of colours

Tile decals are having a moment, and this staircase has taken the fad to the extreme! We love the interplay of colours and patterns, which create a kaleidoscopic effect on the walls. Cheap and easy to achieve, this look is one of our absolute favourites.

Weightless wood

Modern architecture really doesn't have any boundaries. Just check out this minimal wooden staircase that seems to defy gravity—it's like a level on a video game! 

Each individual step is held in place by a strong metal girder in the wall, which enables it to hold the weight of anyone who climbs it. Just hope that you don't get vertigo on the way down… there's no bannister!

Literary chic

How simple and cute! This smart, small home has combined a small staircase with cubes for a stylish alternative to bookshelves. In this minimal hallway, the stacked books add a refreshing dash of colour and interest that would otherwise be lacking.

Modern clear elegance

This ethereal staircase by Samara Barbosa Arquitetura looks like it comes straight from a modern fairytale. The lightly textured marble steps and transparent bannister are minimal yet opulent, and the zesty yellow vases and accent table add a touch of 'anything goes’ to this refined space.

Pure insanity

Is this even a staircase at all? How does one even dream up such an impressive sculptural stairwell? Though these multi-functional steps by Studio Mieke Meijer might look death-defying, they are actually relatively easy to climb thanks to all of the jutting shelves to hold onto. 

It also includes space to show off crockery, stack books, and tend to plants. There's even a small writing space—how imaginative!

Futuristic excellence

See-through perspex panels and chrome accents dominate this space age staircase. The light refracts through the paneling and is thrown around the room, creating shimmering patterns of lightness and shade. If this is what the future looks like, we can't wait for it to arrive!

An optical illusion

This hallway looks like it could have been designed by MC Escher! The steps trail down past an expansive window and onto a mezzanine level, then change direction and gradually grow in size until they reach the bottom and appear to pool on the floor. 

At first glance, this modern hallway looks like an optical illusion. It's only on take two that you realise this surreal opulence is for real…

Simple and stylish chic

After all of these striking statement staircases, it's nice to look at something a little more simple. This spindly spiral stair creeps delicately down to this ground floor creative space, bringing the light from above with it.

A burst of natural colour is introduced to the white and wood space thanks to numerous potted plants, which lends this minimal staircase a slightly boho, shabby chic vibe.

A stair or a sculpture?

Finally, we arrive at this design masterpiece by WHO.  This elegantly sweeping design fits perfectly with the modern polish of this home, and provides a focal point to this light and airy space without dominating it completely. This might just be our all time favourite—what was yours?

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