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11 Smart ideas to make your bedroom more cosy!

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Your bedroom is nothing short of a getaway from all the stress and exhaustion of everyday life. It lets you sleep peacefully, unwind without a care, and express your passion with beauty. So, no wonder that this special corner of your abode deserves your attention and consideration, when you are contemplating its design and decor. The idea is to infuse the space with elements, ideas, colours and textures which help you to relax and feel rejuvenated. There should be nothing in your bedroom which disturbs your calm or gets in the way of restful sleep. For instance, a bold or busy wall art or the presence of too many gadgets around the bed can hamper your repose, whereas soft pastel hues and soothing lighting can lend a snug, sanctuary-like vibe. So take a look at the clever but simple ideas we have discussed here, which can help you to gift yourself a bedroom you will love!

1. Welcome beautiful patterns

Bedroom Designs sunilchitara Modern style bedroom

Bedroom Designs


Trying to create a simple and cosy bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid patterns. Just ensure that they are delicate and visually pleasing without getting on your nerves. The white and golden patterns on the wall of this bedroom for instance, are charming touches, which bring the space alive without being overwhelming the senses.

2. Beautiful words can do the trick

Throughout the day, thousands of worries, thoughts and plans clutter our mind. And we usually carry them to our bedroom even before we intend to go to sleep. But this mental tribulation can deprive you from the serene state of mind you need, to drift off to sleep. In such cases, wall decals featuring inspiring, soothing, loving or friendly phrases can instil peace in you, and lead you to a lovely dreamland effortlessly. Check out the bedroom shown above for inspiration.

3. Add cosy textiles

Textiles like soft cottons, satins, silks, warm wool or fleece, and plush velvets can transform your ordinary bedroom into a snug paradise for relaxation and rejuvenation. Comfy blankets, throws, pillows and cushions can do the trick easily. See how this cosy bedroom combines the soft luxury of bed accessories with the austerity of wood to create a quaint cottage-like feel.

4. Focus on peace and quiet

mom's bedroom homify BedroomBeds & headboards Wood

mom's bedroom


A simple and minimalistic bedroom done up in gentle and neutral hues, can be soothing and ensure tranquillity. Avoid excessively bold or loud colours which can interfere with your sleepy mood or radiate too much energy. Take a clue from this uncomplicated but elegant room decked in white, gold and wooden hues for a comfy ambiance. Do away with electronics so that a random message or undesired call doesn’t wake you from your slumber.

5. Cool colours can do wonders

Don’t find neutral colours appealing? Not to worry. As long as you choose cool hues like blue and green for your bedroom, sleep will visit you without fail every night. We simply love this earthy and playful bedroom, where dollops of blue and green compensate the brightness of the yellow lamps and cushions. Stange Design, a furniture and accessories supplier from Berlin had designed this beautiful bedroom which acts as a retreat for both children and adults!

6. The magic of nature

Oakland Bedroom Collection The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom Wood
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Bedroom Collection

The Cotswold Company

Take a look at this gorgeous eco-friendly bedroom with potted greens dotting almost every nook and cranny. Lush indoor greenery can help you connect with Mother Earth and induce sleep. Try decorating with nature-inspired paintings if you are not too keen about potted plants. Make sure that your bedspread and cushions feature some soft green touches too, for added effect.

7. Add a canopy to your bed

Remember how as a child, building forts or tents with pillows, drapes and sheets used to make us feel safe, comfortable and snug? Even as an adult, you can recreate that ambiance by adding a beautiful canopy to your regular bed for a magical, fantasy-like feel. Just like the bedroom shown above, add some cosy cushions, a dainty settee at the foot of the bed or a beautiful patterned rug for an enticing effect.

8. Personalise it

Make your bedroom a space which you can completely call your own. Adorn it with quirky pieces or artworks that you bought from a vintage shop a long time ago. Add handmade lights, rugs or embroidered wall hangings which will add a homely and familiar feel, so necessary for a happy bedroom.

9. Get rid of clutter

Encouraging clutter in the bedroom is a complete no. Derive inspiration from this bed which comes with abundant storage space underneath it. Such a piece of furniture can hide all odds and ends from your line of vision, and make your bedroom appear neat, breathable and inviting.

10. Shabby chic is in

Sometimes, an old world lived-in look can help you sleep better and more restfully. To achieve a shabby chic look, incorporate vintage or rustic style furniture into your bedroom, like this antique wooden study table and chair shown above. Also note how the partial brick finish of the wall in front of the study table lends a cosy earthy feel, which exudes serenity.

11. A good headboard is essential

Often before going to sleep, you might sit up and chat with your partner or flip through a novel. A plush and comfortable headboard then ensures that you get ample backrest which is relaxing and calming. Especially, a headboard lined with plush finishing can induce a sense of peace just before you are about to sleep.

So now that you are aware of all the tips and tricks which turn a bedroom into a sanctuary, don’t wait anymore. Make use of the idea which caught you eye the most, and assimilate it into your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Here is another ideabook to inspire you further - The best location for the TV in your bedroom.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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