Before and After: A Small Flat Shines Again!

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We don't envy EAO-Portugal for having to take on this mammoth restoration project but we are filled with jealousy over what the owners received at the end of the process. The change is just so drastic that it took us a moment to fully appreciate the magnitude of it all.

A barely-there shell was masterfully rebuilt, transformed and adapted to become the ultimate dream home that is as far from being recognisable as it's possible to be. You really won't believe the change so enough talking, let's start looking!

Before: Courage was needed

Imagine walking into this poor excuse for a kitchen and being asked to make it something usable. It looks that unsafe, dirty and neglected we barely even like looking at the pictures. Fortunately the design team were not afraid to pull up their bootstraps and get a little down and dirty.

The stove alcove is a nice feature but that's really all we can say on a positive note as everything else is just making us shudder and wanting to get out of here!

After: Totally transformed

Wow! From small acorns, mighty oak trees really can grow. This kitchen is now absolutely amazing. What we really like is that despite all the modern touches and clean finishes, this room is still totally recognisable, thanks to original layout features having been kept.

The stove alcove has been put to great use and even the larder cupboard has been left in place. What a lovely way to bring a home back to life without overshadowing the original build. That granite alcove surround certainly grabbed our attention!

Before: Where is the house?

Is there even a house to restore? We can see far more scaffolding than structure and that tells you that this was truly a huge undertaking. From here we can see that the entire first floor had to be ripped out in order to make way for new steel supports.

Perhaps it's almost better to renovate a home that is little more than a shell as that might make it easier to gut and get down to business? We're not sure but this certainly looks to be an imposing starting point.

After: Incredible in every way

We are actually considering partially demolishing our home if it means we could end up with something this amazing at the end. Perfect white walls, gorgeously glossy floorboards and beyond chic furniture really show this newly renovated space off to its best. We are 100% in love.

There's a wonderful connection to the outside world with this room as the design team were careful to include as much natural light as possible. However,  it's the exemplar quality of finish that really astounds us. You'd never know this was a ground-up rebuild!

After: X-factor spaces

While the kitchen and living room have been brought back to life, you might be wondering what the less social areas of the home look like. Well, here you are! Clearly, there was no resting on any laurels when it came to hallways for this team as even the staircase has been given the high-end touch.

The flush-fit wall lights are a triumph and seeing that the high shine flooring is a feature throughout demonstrates what attention to detail has been adhered to. A truly astonishing turnaround, we think this home should inspire those of you with even the most overwhelming projects. 

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