5 trendy bedroom designs

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The bedroom is the most intimate part of a home. It is a private haven, and a place of comfort and relaxation where you can truly let yourself go. 

The way a bedroom is designed speaks volumes about a person's style and personality. Your bedroom shows if you're the cool dude with the groovy swagger or the diva chic with elegant poise. 

Taking the time to make your personal space reflect your taste shows that you take pride in your home. Let's browse through some of these trendy bedroom designs and see if we find something that suits your personal style. 

Diva bedroom design

So you're a diva kind of girl, a princess of sorts, and purple is your favorite color—there you go! Three bright shades of purple are used in this lovely bedroom, creating  a purple paradise fit for a princess. The polka-dot theme and the chiffon drapery are diva approved and show that you can boogie if you want. While the visibility of various mirrors large and small around the room give the space a glamorous and spacious feel. 

The color purple combines the calm stability of blue and the warm fiery energy of red, creating a harmonious balance. Purple represents wealth, extravagance, grandeur, mystery, and magic, so it goes well with the diva princess theme. 

Street chic bedroom design

This out-of-the-box bedroom has elements of street chic, punk and retro, giving it an edgy feel. If you've got swagger, listen to punk music, and got a rock-star attitude to match, then this is definitely your crib. 

The young, hip look of this bedroom is trendy and cool, making it a great choice if you can match its style. This modern, street chic bedroom is designed by Claudia Albertini & Chris Silveira Arquiteto, interior architects based in Brazil.

The fun girl/boy next door bedroom design

This bedroom design has the casualness and familiarity of the girl/boy next door with an added fun element thrown in with splashes of color. The pillows and the duvet add a blast of color to an otherwise grey background, making the room sing in joy. 

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Industrial design bedroom

The raw red brick wall together with the grey walls and the hanging bulb gives the room its industrial look. The color scheme of this room is seductive and powerful because of the use of strong colors like red and black. 

This bedroom expresses a masculine energy and a sophisticated, cool dude vibe which is sure to leave a good impression, espescially on the ladies. 

Dreamy bedroom

This dreamy bedroom will keep you floating around in the clouds even when you're fully awake. With a killer view like that, it's hard not to drool over this bedroom. As for the design, it is pretty simple. The walls, floor, and ceiling all follow a wooden theme, making it cave-like and cozy. Colors and decorations are kept to a minimal, creating a serene ambiance. 

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Which bedroom design did you like the best? Let us know in your comments below. 

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