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The perfect burgundy home for a happy Indian family!

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GEA Arquitetura Tropical style pool
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Join us on this tour today and seize the opportunity to view the perfect tropical vacation home for a family. The happy holiday home vibe is clear to see from the use of rich colours and the casual, laid-back atmosphere. It's an oasis of calm nestled among palm trees, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. As you will see throughout this tour, the property stands out for its spaciousness, beauty, and capacity in providing the perfect vacation home for the best holidays of your lifetime. The tropical vacation home, endearingly called Casa Barra, is designed by GEA Arquitetura, architects based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Let's have a look at this beautiful holiday home shall we? 

It's a happy family!

Don't you just love a place that makes you feel like it's a holiday everyday? Well, this home seems to have that certain kind of magic, it makes you happy. You can tell from how that deck chair lazily sits in the shallow pool of water that this place will be very hard to leave. It's like Hotel California, you can check in but you can never leave. 

Nestled among palm trees

Even before entering the house, the happy holiday vibes can be felt already. Nestled among palm trees, the vibrant facade of the house paints the neighbourhood red. A grassy lawn and a wooden bench outside the house makes the house welcoming and offers an invitation to rest. 

A vibrant facade

The vibrant facade of Casa Barra is a rich burgundy colour oozing with warmth and depth, creating a cosy atmosphere for the exteriors. A stone path and a perfectly manicured lawn invites you to enter the house. 

An illuminated staircase

An illuminated floating staircase gives this space a warm, subtle glow that undoubtedly generates an enabling environment for rest and relaxation. A comfy upholstered armchair with pretty floral patterns offers a resting place in the cosy area underneath the stairs. 


An ideal vacation home should have large spaces that create a sense of freedom, and that is precisely one of the defining characteristics of the main living room in Casa Barra. In addition, the white walls and furniture gently stimulate the senses, while an exposed brick wall and window frames in red add a spark of casual fun to the social heart of the home.  

A cosy patio

The burgundy coloured facade and soft yellow lights lined up against the wall create a cosy patio from which to enjoy the garden from. A snug low-seater armchair, a sofa, and a rustic coffee table make this the perfect place to relax comfortably outdoors. 

Outdoor bar

One of the highlights of this holiday home is definitely the cosy outdoor bar by the poolside. Holidays are great for socializing and making new friends, and this homely bar is a great space to have a blast of a party. It's even equipped with a TV set to keep you entertained all night long. 

Earthy tones

Earthy tones employed for the flooring and the walls give the main living room a natural, laid-back feel which is great for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The use of wood further enhances the natural feel and the cosiness of the space. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at a family home that feels like paradise

What do you like most about the tour of this holiday home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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