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GEA Arquitetura Modern living room
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We travel to South America for today's home tour where we visit Rio de Janerio and explore a home that is nothing but lovely. Rio is a seaside city which is also one of the most populous cities of the Americas. It brings in a splash of playful fun and culture with its rich heritage and tourist-centric leanings. From here, we take you on a fun filled ride through this space to show off its vibrant landscape as it bursts with proud art and architecture. The Apartamento Barro 02 is one such home that is filled with exotic and eclectic delights designed by the famed team that sits in the offices of Gea Arquitectura in Brazil. Come and take a tour with us to watch its wonders unfold.

An Artistic Dining Room

Pretty in white – that was our first thought when we first entered the plush dining room. Sitting next to a mirror and its sideboard, this is a well dressed up space with a minimal character and an affinity for the exotic. Besides the glossy white, lounge like table and the comfortable sofa chairs, our eye was also drawn to the beautiful artwork that dots the walls. The mirror and the white and wooden sideboard also double up as a bar in a trendy balancing act of sorts. The end result? Sophisticated exotic style!

Linear Classic in the Living Room

The living room is a classic affair with upholstered chairs and ornate coffee tables. This space brings in a sleek touch thanks to the alcove lighting that drops down from the ceiling in rays of white. Also, the entertainment unit gives it company with its slim shelves on one side and the low bench with the white glossy cabinets at the two ends. The television takes its regal position in the centre as exotic flowers like the Bird of Paradise sit in the corner. The grey textured wall on the other side plays with a few more shades of grey as the stylish and old school couch in grey makes an entry here.

An Eclectic Look in the Kitchen

Jute matting is replicated in panels on the white walls as the beige hues add a strong yet understated character of elan to usher in the electric blue sculptures sitting on the simple white planks that act as shelves. A ship looks ready to set sail on the other end and almost touches the wooden planks of the ceiling. Recessed lighting does the rest of the talking as we are riveted by the plush white cabinet below and the classic bound volumes in blue and other artifacts on the next shelf. If this is the kitchen, we would like to try our hand at whipping up some gourmet dishes!

Vivid Details in the Bedroom

Luxury reigns supreme in this bedroom. The large mirror takes up an entire wall as it spans the area between the ceiling and floor. On the other side, a door stands with slim lines embossed on its surface in a sleek and unique style that sets groove like detailing into motion. Lighting and a textured art deco mirror frame complete this corner and its marbled environs.

​Subtle Colour Play in the Study

The study has been done up in white and brown to create a soothing and elegant space with great style. The closet has been decorated with panels of wood in the middle while white glossy surfaces cover the rest of it. A sideboard next to it sits across the marble floor with cabinets above for a neat space that can hold all your study and work material as you indulge those creative muscles. A whimsical globe adds an eclectic touch.

In Conclusion - This home has successfully brought in elements that are exotic to create an eclectic space which sits pretty on a solid and elegant backdrop. 

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