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A Farm-to-fork Garden Restaurant With Rustic Yet Modern Interiors

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Farm-to-fork has become a popular food trend these days. There are countless restaurants that have started producing their own vegetables on the farm adjacent to their eating establishment. Since these restaurants bring together the garden and kitchen, their interior design needs to be as unique as their food. Here is an exceptionally built and visually attractive farm-to-fork garden restaurant designed to provide an amazing dining experience. It has been crafted to perfection by the interior designers and decorators of Monoceros Interarch Solutions, Ahmedabad. The vast space of the garden has been optimally utilized to create indoor as well as outdoor seating, allowing the diners to choose from both options. In addition, the rustic yet modern theme of the restaurant offers a warm and homely feeling. So, let’s take a tour of this beautiful creation.

Inviting entrance

The entrance gives you a glimpse of the kind of décor theme that has been used for the entire restaurant. The brick boundary wall, clay roof, and garlands hanging down from the roof produce a welcoming and traditional Indian style design theme. The stone floor tiles and in-ground plants added on the sides offer an appealing rawness to the exterior design.

Elegant indoor seating area

Here you can see how the restaurant architecture has been created to provide stylish and comfortable indoor seating. While the clay tiles have been used for the roof, the rest of the restaurant reflects maximum use of wood to deliver just the right amount of rusticity and to create a cottage-style feel. The full-length glass used for the front allows the people dining inside to get a clear view of the outside weather while enjoying their meals.

A close-up of the interiors

The ceiling has been covered with wooden planks to produce the required warmth in the ambience. The chandeliers and small lights incorporated on the ceiling add to fine décor and release a soothing touch. Additionally, the glass installed on the sides and the front offers an excellent view of the outside, whereas the white tiles complement the surroundings and lend a well-furnished appeal. Moreover, the neutral shade of curtains blends well with the rest of the design elements and enhances the cosy feel.

Stunning feature wall

Just before the entrance to the indoor restaurant, there is this smartly designed feature wall that can double as a photobooth by acting as an interesting backdrop for your pictures. Surrounded by light brown wood, the centre section of the wall displays a tree, birds, and flowers superbly carved on it.

Classic carved stone gazebo

This intricately designed gazebo is an interesting addition to the outdoor area. While the roof provides proper shade to the guests to help them easily stand and click some pictures, the open sides allow the breeze to flow freely. Its design consists of a roof, stone pillars, side opening, and layered round stairs, making the whole outdoor setting even more scenic. The floor lamps, grass, and trees around it produce a perfect environment for guests to enjoy.

Smartly planned outdoor seating

Besides the gorgeous indoor seating, what adds to the beauty of this garden restaurant is its remarkably designed outdoor setup. Here, a leveled seating area has been created for the outdoor setup. As the diners can pick whether they wish to dine on the ground floor or on the upper floor. The structure of this section combines well with that of the indoor seating to create a pleasing sense of uniformity. Also, the sides of the seating area are open and it has been covered only from the top to let the diners enjoy a picturesque view of the outside while dining comfortably.

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