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10 Elegant Design Ideas Tailormade for Small Spaces

Bishwadeep Mitra Bishwadeep Mitra
Bedroom Design, Tatvam Concepts by Sakshi Tatvam Concepts by Sakshi Minimalist bedroom
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Home is where we are the most vulnerable. It is also a reflection of who we are and also our mental states and conditions. More than we realize, our homes also reflect what we choose to exude and emote. This fact holds true for all kinds of home designs and spaces of all sizes. Apart from the basic scaffolding of a house, the interior design of the rooms or one room (in the case of studio apartments) heavily matters in how a home feels. It is also important to note that each kind of space has specific demands to be met for harmony to build. Small spaces and crammed-up high rises in the metropolitans post the most challenge when it comes to decorating and designing it. Often we fall short in intersecting the quotients of organicism, spaciousness, and movement, ending up not utilizing the most that space has to offer. 

Thus, today we will look at various 10 marvellous ideas to design as well as decorate small spaces. Dive in and get your creative juices flowing!

1. Let there be light and there was light!

The primary idea about designing small spaces should revolve around the amount of natural light you can allow entering your apartment. This paves the way for a naturally illuminated ambience inside the space, and it will also feel roomy.

2. Walls and Natural Light are a wonderful combination

A perfect combo of minimalist designs and an understanding of lighting conditions will be highly beneficial when it comes to designing one small room or studio apartment. If this design inspires you, check out this functional layout of a Mumbai apartment.

3. Sweet warm colours and walls for the children’s rooms

However small a space may be, or however crammed up the apartment is, we can always fit in elements to affect their ambience. In the above picture, the shades of the room dominate the vibrance, while the walls have been perfectly utilized for shelves.

4. Getting flexible with the walls

Small spaces are often synonymous with adorning the walls as much as you can while also retaining their organic nature. The lines and shades in the above picture have a minimalistic feel to them although the number of elements left to work on is innumerable. 

5. Getting creative with the walls

This aspect is one of the cornerstones of designing small spaces. Mixing and matching different kinds of decoration styles, starting from pictures to traditional or generational accolades goes a long way in bringing out what you cherish the most in your life.

6. A Stuffed and Minimally planned Kitchen

Convenience is a central aspect of minimalism and we are borrowing minimalist ideas here to fit well with our small space ideas. Extending the previous idea of working on the walls also proves useful for kitchens in small spaces. Well-planned, easily accessible drawers which can be easily detached are wonderful and economic.

7. A Room of One’s Own

As the idea is to incorporate and make the most of a small space, your signature should be spread across the entire space. However, a chosen segment that houses all your intimate collectables not only makes the room look great, it will also bear and demarcate personal boundaries.

8. Beauty that also fulfils purpose

Look at the aforementioned design. It retains its originality, requires minimum space, but also serves the function of a drawer, accompanied by a comfortable seating position and an elegant mirror to make the space roomy.

9. A Convertible Living Room/Study

Making the most crucial challenge our ally is the best way to make lemonade from lemons. Look at this comfortable living room which can easily be converted into a study where all the wall decorations remain intact. Only the seating positions change here and observe how it affects the entire design of the room.

10. A Glass-walled Bathroom

Instead of thick marble walls, always try to make space for glass walls in bathrooms. Apart from making the bathroom less claustrophobic, it also cuts down costs. Sliding doors instead of walls also make great addenda for bathrooms in small spaces.

So, did we get your creative juices flowing with all these interioir designs?

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