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Concepts of Design by Floor2Walls
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So much of our lives is spent asleep, as the average person sleeps for 8 hours a day. Based on an average age of 78, that's 230 000 hours spent sleeping, or 26 years! Given we spend roughly a third of our lives in a bedroom, it would seem sensible to make this the most pleasant room in our homes.

Investing in a comfortable bed is essential, as is using colour tones conducive to sleep and surrounding ourselves with decorations that help us feel at ease. Some prefer light tones, to help the natural process of waking up with the sun a little easier. Other prefer the dark, as it is much easier to sleep in a darker room. You may prefer lots of decorations, to personalise the room, or you may opt for a minimal concept, to put the mind at ease and help you drift off to sleep with a clear mind. Whichever you prefer, there is no hiding the fact a lot of your life will be spent here, so you may as well invest the thought and time in making a room that is inviting and wholly yours. 

There are many great designers in India, and today homify would like to introduce a few of them to you, to help you sleep easy and dream big.

Garden bedroom

Flowers are conducive to happiness. Every woman can remember the last time she was given flowers as a gift. The undeniable natural beauty exuded by a fresh bunch of flowers can be permanently introduced into the bedroom with the simple addition of floral prints. In this dreamy room designed by Zia Enterprises from Delhi, we can see a floral bed cover with matching pillow cases and curtains. This light and airy room with its fresh tones is sure to induce a deep sleep and positive dreams. With the addition of clean white furnishings and a fresh bunch of flowers, what better place to spend your nights?

Sleep-inducing darkness

Inc Developers- Manhattan Project Rooms by Atelier

Inc Developers- Manhattan Project


Commonly darkness is frowned upon in most rooms of the home. Darkness often relates to cold and damp environments and is seen as being uninviting. As this bedroom shows, this is clearly not the case. Designed by interior designers and decorating firm Atelier in Pune, The overall dark tone of the room is balanced with the availability of lots of natural light during the day courtesy of the large glass windows. An abundance of down lights, as well as hidden LED lights that frame the room from the ceiling, illuminates the space at night. One is sure to sleep easy in the big comfortable bed with all black linen, drowning out any light that may sneak in.

Monochromatic palette

The undeniable elegance of the simple concept of decorating a room in blacks and whites is perfectly executed in this gorgeous bedroom creation from Class Apart, also from Pune. As above, we see the use of large dark curtains to block out any light pollution from the outside world at night, which can easily be drawn during the day to let the sun's rays in. No colour is out of context in this space, with all furnishings and decorations in black and tones of white, magnified by the large mirrors, opening the space up to great effect.

Four-poster bed

The designers of this bedroom have chosen to use very few furnishings to allow the aesthetic quality of this cubic bed frame to take centre stage. A modern take on a traditional four-poster bed, this bed shows the posts meeting together to create a cubic prism with simple lines that are pleasing to the eye. Antique four-poster beds traditionally take a rectangular shape, following the form of the bed itself. Here we can see the bed base struts out to the side and at the end, allowing a square to be created, thus a perfect cube can take shape.

Circular theme

Concepts of Design by Floor2Walls

Concepts of Design


In stark contrast to the jagged lines of the cubic bed frame above, this room uses smooth curves as the dominant theme of the space. A round bed sits atop a semi-circle platform to highlight the round shapes present.

Dignified flooring

Walking into this discerning bedroom for your night's sleep, you are sure to be enticed into a relaxed state, marvelling at the elegance this room exudes. Immediately catching the eye are the swirling broken tones of the marble floor, a material synonymous with good taste. Designed by Mumbai firm Shroffleón, the grandeur of this bedroom cannot be hidden. Using small candelabras and a chandelier to light the room and hidden lighting behind the false ceiling, the lucky couple who spend their nights here are sure to feel like royalty in their own home.

How have you decorated your bedroom to personalise the space? Let us know in the comments section below!
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